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Akillis, the french jewelry brand that hits the lines with bold and unisex designs

akillis logo ring white gold diamonds

The brand celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2017, a decade that marked vibrant and daring jewelry collections. As a gift, Akillis has just opened a flagship store in Paris.

By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Akillis portrait caroline gaspard woman designer

Raised in the north of France, Caroline Gaspard comes from a family strongly linked to the jewelry universe. If her mother has instilled in her a love of jewelry, it is from a longtime family friend and diamond-dealer who used to source gemstones all over the world that she learned Gaspard everything.

After graduating from the school business HEC Paris, the young woman who had never forgotten about her favorite hobby at the time, decides to launch her own label AKILLIS in 2007. What led the young lady to the jewelry creation? Probably the fact that 10 years ago, Caroline Gaspard, as many successful-to-be designers, didn’t recognize herself in the high jewelry collections which were too traditional and oversized for an everyday use. Her desire of creating modern infused pieces mixed to rock influence led the designer to build her own jewelry codes, free from all convention, breaking with the traditional rules of jewelry.

As a matter of fact, the Akillis collections are deprived of any form of flowers, hearts or mysterious bestiary inspired from any stereotype. Instead, the fine jeweler chose to develop a more edgy and unisex approach, allowing both men and women to express their own personal style.

“Bang Bang”, its first and now best-seller collection, which symbolizes power and excitement, turns the gust bullet into a bold jewelry piece set with sparkling diamonds, a serious jewelry bias that hit the lines and catch the attention of a large audience willing to be surprised by a new kind of jewelry.

The brand, which has celebrated in 2017 its 10 years anniversary, has made its celebration even more special whilst opening a flagship store in the famous rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

An exceptional setting for its vibrant jewelry collection exquisitely crafted in the brand’s workshops based in Lyon. There, Caroline Gaspard’s bold and daring designs come to life thanks to skilled craftsmen using innovative techniques combined to traditional know-how.

Caroline Gaspard’s latest collection for AKILLIS called “Capture-moi” revisits the traditional wedding ring with a bold triangle pattern that could evoke a shark tooth or some mysterious traps? Set with diamonds, the graphic lines embody all the expressions of love, from desire to possession, giving the wedding ring a serious personal appeal.

A perfect amount of modernity for the modern couples soon to be married!

akillis pendant rose gold diamonds
Bang-Bang Collection – Pendant mounted on rose gold set with diamonds
akillis wedding ring white gold diamonds
Capture-Moi Collection – Ring mounted on white gold set with diamonds
akillis rose gold diamonds earrings
Python Collection – Earrings mounted on rose gold with diamonds
akillis bracelet white gold diamonds
Puzzle collection – Bracelet mounted on white gold set with diamonds