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With a high reputation in the mosaic industry, the Italian brand Sicis uses what they master to create a watch collection.

Bath tubes, flooring and swimming pools aside, mosaic and now nano-mosaic takes a whole new style.

Sicis uses one of the oldest jewelry technique to create a modern and contemporary watch collection in addition to a jewelry collection using thousands of mosaic parts – called nano-mosaic delicately set one by one into the design of the watch or jewel.

100% hand-made the luxurious Italian mosaic company uses a rainbow of colors to sparkle and amaze with precious stones, nano-mosaic, gold, titanium and pearls.

The Gardenia collection plants seeds of doubt half-way between a jewelry and/or a watch piece.


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The Ruby Gardenia by Sicis

The Sicis Gardenia collection was born in its Italian headquarters in Ravenna… probably inspired for their flower gardens.