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A magical T-rafreshment : the dazzling and most expensive Nirmal Sethia diamond tea-pot.


What an amazing way to talk about the importance of the tea history and its culture!
1’730 hours were necessary to pave the most expensive tea-pot in the world with 1’658 diamonds and 386 Thai and Burmese rubies.

Named”The Egoist” which means selfish in English- just because it can only hold one cup of tea! Nirmal Sethia put in the honor the British loved one. The “Most Valuable Teapot in the World” valued at $3 million … and recognised by Guinness World Records is owned by N Sethia Foundation a philanthropic organization giving support to those in need : providing education, spiritual activities and medical research based in London. 

The diamonds and ruby egoist
Set with 1658 diamonds and 386 rubies, with a centrepiece of a super-fine Thai ruby. The lid features natural ruby beading and the handle is made of mammoth ivory.

The diamonds and ruby egoist
It took over 1730 hours of work from an Italian jeweller to manufacture “The Egoist”.