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Ana Khouri

Born in Brazil and raised in between her native country and the United States, Ana Khouri develops her jewelry creativity through scultpure making and how she could craft pieces that spoke directly to the body. In 2014 she launches her eponym brand exploring jewelry designs that were never explored!

When Visual pleasure takes on a whole new meaning in ethereal and vivacious works-of-art driven by the essential qualities of gemstones

She started defining her career resume in New York, graduated from the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), and moved to study at Central Martins School in London. Driven by a passion for sculpture, Ana Khouri’s venture into the world of high-end jewelry design was an act of faith, less a predetermined career path. Fortunately for the industry as otherwise it would have missed out on one 21st century’s greatest and most inspirational artists. Her innate need to seek the harmonious bond in everything her hands touch shines through in the craft of jewelry design.

Her distinctive perspective to develop this dialogue further has resulted in strikingly simple, yet brilliantly elegant and anatomical pieces that dazzle with precision, execution and vision. The clarity of lines and severity of the materials used are at the opposite side of the spectrum of opulent luxury that the world of jewelry is used to. In a way Ana Khouri seems to be deconstructing her work to gain that pure, basic form of beauty that is so difficult to attain and yet so real and relatable.

Defying convention is at the core of her brand, which is highly praised for the clean lines and uncomplicated fastenings. Her signature Line collection features a necklace, earrings, and single earring, all in 18-carat yellow gold that stand out with minimalistic elegance. Every design complements and blends with the human form, as a harmonious and intimate connection.

The dynamic compositions allow for different ways to be worn, adding subtle intrigue to the simple, obvious pieces. Sharp and challenging designs contrast with the harmonious forms of the jewelry, thus aligning dreams and functionality without compromising either. Remaining true to the artisan traditions, Ana still manages to break free of convention and create exclusive, unique pieces that mold the body form within them.

Ana Khouri
Grey and White Pearl Jen Earring
Ana Khouri
Lina Earring on yellow gold and diamonds
Ana Khouri
Time Ear Cuff mounted on yellow gold with diamonds
Ana Khouri
White Diamond Leaf Earring
Brazilian-born Ana Khouri marks the beginning of her namesake brand.