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Are you a November baby?

If you happen to be a November baby… Citrine and Topaz are YOUR stones. On one hand, citrines is referred as the lucky “Merchants Stone”supposed to be the stone of abundance increasing fortune and commercial success whereas topaz stones are considered to be the stone that provides relaxation, available in several different colours as blue, rose, yellow, orange…

Ralph Masri
From Sacred Windows collection – Ring mounted on 18ct gold with yellow diamonds and citrines

Gatsby earrings mounted on rose gold with topaz and diamonds

Pendant mounted on yellow gold set with one emerald-cut citrine and 4 diamonds

Fernando Jorge
Sprout long ring mounted on yellow gold with diamonds and imperial topaz

David Yurman
From The Albion Collection – Ring with champagne citrine and diamonds mounted on yellow gold

Pasquale Bruni
From Bon Ton collection – Blue London Topaz bracelet

Aude Lechere
From Gangue collection – Bracelet mounted on yellow gold with citrine

Moyen lol pendant mounted on yellow gold with topaz tears and diamonds

Bague Filles Antik mounted on yellow gold with citrine palmera

Delfina Delettrez
Magic triangle chain mounted on yellow gold with 3 diamonds and one genuine topaz