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AS29 by Audrey Savransky

Striking a delicate balance between exquisite indulgence and feminine allure – the core of AS29, the diamond remede.

Hong-Kong based, the Belgium brand AS29 was created with a passion for diamonds and is exclusively designed for women by a woman to capture and convey the delicate feminine beauty and need to shine perfectly. The result is fresh and delicate pieces that inspire and tempt with their quality, luminance and charm.

The mission of Belgian designer and fourth-generation diamond dealer Audrey Savransky is to design jewelry that perfectly complements the deliciously delicate feminine nature and indulge women’s need to sparkle and shine. Her creations are enchantingly different as they encourage the wearer to indulge in an exuberant and vivid world of diamond encrusted curves form rings, hearts and flowers, necklace pendants and bracelets with a decadent variety of precious gems and stones.

With a striking diversity and unique approach the brand has established itself on the global scene of luxury jewellery houses. AS29 bridges the gap between traditional avant-garde and modern, free forms in transcending designs. Every one of the original collections incorporates a single unique element – Crystal, Wing, Ocean, Arrow, Forest – that dictates the shapes and encrusted curves of the fabulous pieces.

Taking favourite jewelry themes and transforming them into something ethereal and fresh with generous use of micropaved diamonds set in 18K gold. All of AS29 collections are characterized by breath-taking originality and bold graphism with ferocious combinations of vividly-rich colours and designs.

Dramatic shapes and striking elegance define the brand’s iconic stylization of well-known elements as they capture and convey the essence of symbols in a thunderbolt of style. From brilliant reduction to defining lineaments and impeccable execution – Savransky’s personal sense of style and passion for making women beautiful shines through in her conceptual representation of the essential iconography of symbols.

A bespoke diamond remedy.

Born and raised in Belgium from a diamond dealer family for four generations based in Anvers.

Spine cuff mounted on white gold with white diamonds
Crystal earcuffs mounted on white and black gold with black and white diamonds
Spine chocker mounted on black gold with blue sapphires
Pave Flower rings mounted on black or white gold with white and black diamonds and sapphires
Audrey Savransky moves to Hong Kong and gets into design ... after studying communications and journalism, two fields she realized she did not like.
Belgium Audrey Savransky launches the first collection of AS29. AS for her initials, 29 for her lucky number.
Capsule Collection in collaboration with Emily Minchella, Jewelry Editor at L'Officiel Paris.