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Be a nice Valentine, and get me a piece of jewelry!

Sharing Jewelry : Links forging new links thanks to the initiative of a woman. A humanist story around jewelry. Made of gemstones and magic threads, the jewels are crafted with heart and soul and carry a story

1- Yvonne Léon

and her single bee earring with a pearl and diamonds is an absolute necessary! (~ 2000 Euros)

2- Aaron Jah Stone

and his phoenix ring with diamonds and blue opal stones makes us dream! (~ 2500 Euros)

3-Stephen Webster

known as the rock’n’roll jeweler confirmed his status with his crystal haze butterfly pendant in gold, diamonds and pink opal! (~ 5000 Euros)

4-Audrey Savransky from AS29

is seducing us with her bracelet in black and white diamonds from her crystal collection! (~ 6000 Euros)