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Setting the stone within a stone, a skill Bogh-Art or the Boghossian Jewelry has.

The Boghossian family has built a reputation in tailor-made jewelry at its best in a combination of innovative design and centuries’ worth of traditions and unrivalled mastery- famous for their stone setting within a stone.

Four generations of Boghossian stand behind the Bogh-Art name and have shaped the brand as unique “Haute-Joaillerie” for select and demanding clientele. Defined by quality, exquisite sophistication and the highest level of workmanship – tradition intertwines with innovative techniques to create “an alchemy of treasured things” as they like to say.

Their line of jewelry is renowned for its unique combination of precious stones and audacious designs in a feeling of natural harmony. Past meets future with a level of execution and attention to detail that nears perfection as origins and culture blend into pure imagination. Bogh-Art creates pieces that become a precious part of the wearer’s individuality and make it shine.

The brand’s philosophy is conveyed in their never-ending journey in creating ethereal pieces that exhibit and bring out the best in nature’s exceptional gems. To achieve utmost excellence and unrivalled quality of their kind requires time and patience – traits that have defined Bogh-Art for generations. Numerous artists and artisans work diligently to achieve true balance and perfection.

Bogh-Art’s masterpieces are a true embodiment of the label’s philosophy that stands for tradition and innovative technology. Their collections feature only the best materials found in nature with brilliant diamonds with exceptional cut, coloured gemstones in a rainbow of nuances and natural pearls whose beauty is only surpassed by their rarity.

Every piece dazzles and mesmerizes with striking splendour and imperial beauty. Designed and crafted to superb standards, the brand’s creations are a true epitome of beauty and purity in its cleanest form. Each jewel – richer and more exuberantly luminous than the previous and all with a taste for the exotic, the diverse and the enchantingly different.

Perfect and precious – the name Bogh-Art has become synonymous for unusual designs executed to an exquisite standard of excellence.

Inlay ring with pink mother of pearl, smoky quartz and diamonds
Seed pearl tassel necklace with saltwater pearls and briolette-cut pink diamonds featuring 5.00 ct pink diamond inlaid into mother-of-pearl
Black opal ring with white diamonds
Les Merveilles Drops diamonds earrings 
Jean and Albert Boghossian open their first shop in Antwerp.
The Boghossian family opens their first boutique in Geneva.
The brand Bogh-Art is debuted.
Bogh-Art opens its first London store in the luxury shopping district of Bond Street.