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Black and White diamonds set the tone for Colette Steckel

Colette Steckel is a French Mexican jewelry designer whose reputation started ten years ago when she became the first designer to show her Colette Jewellery Collections at Casa Lamm, the most prestigious gallery in Mexico City. with a dominant setting of black and white diamonds on gold or platinun, Colette Jewelry has set a monochrome style in her various collections.

One of Mexico’s most talented up-and-coming designers – Colette Steckel who has quickly risen to fame and established herself as a leading name on the jewelry scene through the use of unique techniques and uncanny creative spark.

Designing each piece individually, the talented designer uses only the highest quality materials and gemstones – often cut and carved specifically for her brand: Colette Jewelry.  Rare and unique stones blend seamlessly with 18K gold and platinum in mesmerizing creations that draw inspiration from Mexican pre-Hispanic images and culture. Colette’s graphic design background contributes to the striking composition and clarity of execution of her jewelry – her signature trademark.

Her delicate metalwork patterns almost seem like ornaments.  She loves to play with symmetrical elements echoeing her rich heritage and love for the French avant-garde movement. The precise lines and impeccable execution complements the intricate motifs, creating delicate and subtly seductive pieces often set with micro-pavé of black or white diamonds.

Colette came across her first stones at the age of 13, and began designing stone accessories since. It took her a few years to  create head-turning jewelry that has been her lifelong passion. Eden, Galaxia, Lilies, Tic Tac, Wisdom, Africa including her latest collection Blue Drift, captivate with a stunning depth of detail that never fails to enchant. The gorgeous pieces gleam with the excitement of unspoken promises and eternal devotion as they relay hidden sensations that only gems can reveal.

The brand is the very epitome of the splendour of ethnic jewelry with its wonderfully ecclectic charm and elaborate extravagance. Abundance of illustrious, superbly-cut diamonds and harmonic lines comprise its ethos with impeccable craftsmanship marking the height of the jewel-making process that has become the trademark of Colette Jewelry.

Born out of innate love for stones and the beauty in the world the brand has continued to build on top of its original philosophy with visionary inspiration.

Colette Jewelry
Rize four finger ring mounted on white gold with black and white diamonds
Colette Jewerly
Flame bracelet mounted on white gold with white diamonds
Colette Jewelry
Flower earcuff mounted on white gold with black and white diamonds
Colette Jewelry
Trabzon hand installation mounted on white gold with white diamonds
Colette Steckel launches her jewelry brand: COLETTE JEWELRY in Mexico
She exhibits at Casa Lamm in Mexico City as the first jewelry designer ever
She launches the brand in the United States
Honorable Mention at the AGTA Spectrum Awards Competition