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De A à Z, the jewelry fountain pen

Made of gold, set with precious or fine gemstones and carved in precious wood, Yvan de Ancos developed in a limited edition a series of high-end fountain pens anyone with taste would want to write with or at least try.

After spending over 30 years in the jewelry industry, setting and handling the most beautiful gemstones on unique high jewelry pieces, Yvan De Ancos decided to take advantage of his experience to develop a unique, high-end product he realized barely existed on the market.

The day he laid his eyes on fountain pens, de Ancos realized it was an object perpetrating a story … a symbol of serenity in opposition to the computerized world we live in.

The difference between a piece of jewelry and a jewelry pen is that the writing tool has no gender and therefore opens up an array of creativity and design possibilities.

Fascinated by precious wood, a material he had never worked on, his desire was to create something including the art he mastered: stone setting.

The development of the project required some technical prowess to set stones or add a guioché (mirco-engraving on gold) on the collector, section or barrel of the pen.

Yvan de Ancos learns to become a stone-setter in Geneva.
He graduates with honors due to the quality of his work in the workshop.
At 23, he opens an atelier as an independant and starts his first works on timepieces.
back to Geneva, he spends the following 16 years within a very small team who specilizes in the creation and developement of unique high jewelry pieces.
Yvan de Ancos goes on his own to develop a personnal project
marks the beginning of the AtoZ adventure ( De A à Z) – and the developement of high end and luxurious fountain pens.
One-on-one presentation of the first seven models including one unique piece in the Middle-East, United States, Asia and to European art collectors.