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When Emotion triggers emotions

The Emotion ring collection from Fabergé is an intense combination of colored stones set on an organic shape for every woman adorn her finger. The organic shape of the ring is set in harmony with colorful gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, paraiba tourmalines or diamonds and mounted on gold. Emotions have never been expressed in a purer, more powerful way than now.

Exploring the intense spectrum of human emotions, Fabergé has gone up and beyond the traditional boundaries of both design and craftsmanship and created a collection of artistic perfection in the form of exquisite gem-embellished rings. Over 300 glittering precious and semi-precious stones are set in a myriad of colors used to fully convey the message of presenting the more luxurious side of our personal feelings. Organic, colorful and comfortable, the artful, almost Fauvist level of depth to the nuances instantly recalls the melodrama and sadness of impressionist artwork and is so much more than jewelry. A ring that is both a sea of raw emotions and an exquisite example of the finest artisan skills and precious stones, the Fabergé Emotion collection will have the full spectrum of human feelings welling up to the surface.


Love is a the feeling that makes the world go round – powerful, delicate, fleeting or lasting, subtle or passionate – it has too many faces to be defined in our lifetime. Fabergé’s artistic genius comes close to offering a glimpse into the whirlwind of emotions that it stirs inside our hearts with the Emotion Purple Ring. Made of warm rose gold, the ring is paved 5.43 cts of round purple sapphires coming together with 1.5 carats of white diamonds (90), 155 round violet spinels weighting over 3.55 carats in addition to violet topaz and aquamarine for an aura of soft purple and deep violet charm in the light. A emotion / emotional ring that evokes a feeling of tenderness, love and passion with every glance, the Purple Emotion Ring from Faberge represents a fairy-tale love story crystallized on your finger.

Emotion Purple Ring set on rose gold with 90 Round White Diamonds (1.51cts.), 122 Round Purple Sapphires (5.43cts.), 41 Round Amethysts (2.30cts.), 9 Round Aquamarines (0.27cts.), 155 Round Violet Spinels (3.57cts.), 23 Round Violet Topaz (0.35cts) – AVAILABLE AT THE EYE OF JEWELRY POP UP in GENEVA

Emotion Multi-Colored Ring set on yellow gold with round Violet Sapphires (1.16cts), round Blue Sapphires (1.66cts), Round Tsavorites (1.44cts), Round Orange Sapphires (1.86cts), Round Yellow Sapphires (1.77cts), Round Rubies (1.48cts), Round Pink Sapphires (1.57cts) and Round White Diamonds (0.72cts). AVAILABLE at THE EYE OF JEWELRY POP UP in GENEVA

Emotion Blue Ring set on White Gold with 86 Round White Diamonds (1.46cts), 13 Rosecut White Diamonds (0.24cts), 242 Round Blue Sapphires (9.91cts), 5 Round Opals (0.16cts), 69 Round Paribas (1.03cts), 19 Round Blue Topaz (0.31cts).

Carefully selected pieces from the Fabergé Emotion collection are available at The Eye of Jewelry Pop Up Store in Geneva located at the Grand Kempinski Hotel, Quai du Montblanc 19. Open every day throughout the summer from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on appointment at +41 78 919 89 58


Perhaps the most iconic and risqué creation of the collection, the Multi-Colored Emotion Ring is a true embodiment of the Fabergé spirit and love for eclectic compositions. Their penchant for using gems of every color of the rainbow has transformed the piece into something special with top-graded colored stones coming from Gemfields. The use of a multitude of precious stones is not only stunning to behold, but poetically evocative of the turmoil of feelings we can all feel in a single day. Mounted on yellow gold and set with violet, blue, orange, yellow and pink sapphires in addition to round diamonds and rubies, the kaleidoscope of colors captures each moment of joy, sadness, envy and anger to make a major statement in the best possible way.


The blue sapphire Emotion ring offers a mystical range of colors and feelings within its toes evocative of the sea. Mounted on 18-carat white gold, the Emotion ring is studded with round and rosecut diamonds, 5 opals, 242 blue sapphires (9.91 cts), 19 topazes and 69 Paraïba tourmalines. The myriad of dazzling gems ranges from dusky shades of midnight blue to the light green and aqua of Caribbean shallows, prompting the ring to express a feeling of serenity and relaxation as well as the more melancholic emotions captured by the sapphires’ mournful richness of color.