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Introducing Eternamé to the world …

It’s delicate, it’s sensual and feminine. Etername jewelry translates the every-day jewelry each woman wants to wear and never take off. Fine designs and large colored stones produce the WOW effect without even trying.

Back in 2007, Sarah Besnainou launched her jewelry brand Eternamé. The idea was born out of a woman’s strong desire to express her love and devotion for her soulmate in the most conventional of ways – through the gift of custom-made jewelry. Several years and hundreds of designs later, Sarah Besnainou still hasn’t lost touch with what made Eternamé into the household name it is today – a brand that is recognised worldwide for its daring vision, distinctive feminine pieces and strong customer orientation.

Bold combinations of titanium, ebony and aluminum with traditionally precious stones such as diamonds or emeralds, and the designer’s favourite tanzanite create unique and personal pieces – a reflection of the wearer’s connection to this world and to their loved ones. Eternamé is about relaying and encapsulating the deepest, strongest emotions of the human heart in one singular piece of absolute sincerity and elegant singularity that will last a lifetime through the use of the elaborate language of matter and substance.

Delicate twists of gold and colourful combinations of aqua amazonites and bright-violet amethysts make up the vibrant pieces the brand is known for. Confidence, intuition and harmony are the roots of the Eternamé label with every jewel being signed off with the brand’s signature gemstone:  the amethyst. The orchid is the flower that Sarah Besnainou has chosen to represent Eternamé’s pure and absolute elegance due to its sensuality, passion and serene beauty.

Precious stones are woven with delicacy and great care into yellow and white gold to create pieces of exceptional harmony and bespoke elegance. Seeking the best way to enhance the inherent qualities of each individual stone is a source of continuous inspiration for Sarah, driving her to experiment with different artisan techniques and push the standards of traditional craftsmanship  in haute joaillerie.

Cocktail ring mounted on white gold with blue sapphires and paraiba
Resille necklace mounted on white gold with white diamonds, pearls and onyx
Flamenco earrings mounted on yellow gold with brown diamonds and agate
Lune Cuff mounted on rose gold with brown diamonds and amethyst

Sarah Besnainou launches Eternamé.