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Ever heard about the London based brand Ritz Fine Jewellery ?

Designed by Gerald Genta, the Ritz London jewellery Showroom is located under the arches of the legendary Ritz Hotel on Picadilly. Offering an ecclectic selection of jewelry pieces set with extraordinary stones and colored stones, the store celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and many more to come.

Ritz London, such an eponymous trademark, a Grande Dame byword for elegant opulence and refined service, is one of the crown jewels on the London hospitality market. Manifestly the Ritz Fine Jewellery collections celebrate this heritage with the same exquisite aesthetics and uniqueness that make the hotel such an icon.

Since its launch in 2000, Ritz Fine Jewellery has carved a reputation as a leading jewellery house amongst some of the great names in nearby Bond Street. Situated beneath the iconic arches of The Ritz London on Piccadilly and designed by the eminent watch designer Gerald Genta, the showroom is an elegant mix of Canadian maple, blue granite, chrome and beautiful faceted mirrors, a successful collusion between old-word refinement and XXIth century vision.

‘We are incredibly privileged to be housed in The Ritz London, which over the years has been a great source of design inspiration. When the late M. Gerald Genta, considered by many to be one of the world’s most significant watch designers, was asked to design our Bespoke XV watch collection, it was the home of Ritz Fine Jewellery, the hotel itself, on Piccadilly that was the source of his inspiration, ’ explains Paul Carter, Managing Director of Ritz Fine Jewellery.

The brand presents an exclusive collection of jewellery and watches to discerning connoisseurs, and the overall collection is created by a team of in-house designers and carefully crafted by skillful artisans in the Parisian workshop. The brand is also renowned for sourcing unusual and rare coloured stones as well as diamonds, orchestrating them in classical renditions with a twist.

Ritz Fine Jewellery

Paraiba Ring with a 5.32 carats central stone set in rose gold with aquamarines, sapphires, pink sapphires and diamonds – £75’000

Ritz Fine Jewellery

River Ring – 24.65 carats Cabochon pink tourmaline, diamonds, rubellite and sapphires set in white gold- £50’000

Ritz Fine Jewellery

Icicle Cuff – Spring 2014 – £25’000

Ritz Fine Jewellery

Lace Diamond Cuff with Rubies set on White Gold – £160’000

Ritz Fine Jewellery

Brazilian multi-colored stone bracelet – £60’000

Ritz Fine Jewellery

Parasol Pendant with aquamarine briolettes, paraiba tourmalines, diamonds, garnets and spinels set in white gold- £45’000

‘In a number of pieces, we set the stones in such a way that the gemstone appears to float; a knife-edge setting can be incorporated to create a reflection of the skin, showing off the gemstones in the most beautiful way’, Carter describes.

The house independence is one of its strong assets as this means the brand can maintain its superlative uniqueness in an industry otherwise prone to certain uniformity. ‘The jewellery industry has evolved hugely in recent years with global jewellery brands taking over the major shopping destinations of the world, following in the footsteps of fashion. However I genuinely believe that the future will continue to be about the bespoke and the unique. Our clients are looking for rare, individual pieces, which reflect their taste and style and are innate to them,’ Carter shares.

He continues, ‘They are very appreciative of the fact that Ritz Fine Jewellery is individual, independent and can only be found in London. A certain type of clientele will always want handcrafted, quality individual pieces that make them feel very special, knowing that it is unlikely that they will see someone else across the world wearing an identical piece of jewellery.’

Upmost craftsmanship coupled with superb artistry is used for each piece and this goes along with the best customer service one could expect – namely offering a lifetime of care for the Ritz Fine Jewellery pieces anyone purchases from them.

‘An American couple who were staying at The Ritz fell in love with a pair of diamond earrings but were quite hesitant and wanted to think about it’, Carter recalls. ‘It was late afternoon, so I suggested that she kept them on for the night, whilst they had dinner in The Ritz Restaurant and see how she felt about them in the morning. Off she went for dinner and never took them off again. She was incredibly touched by the service and the trust that had been instantly established and now visits Ritz Fine Jewellery as their jeweller of choice!’

A winning formula and approach that define precisely what true luxury. For more information, please visit

– Text by OLIVIER DUPON- Author of several books all published by Thames & Hudson, including The New Jewelers (2012)