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Parisian designer Corinne Evens grew up in the jewelry industry yet, she only founded in 2011 Goralska: a realm of sublimely luxurious living and vivid jewelry that captivates the mind and spirit with decadent opulence and exuberant splendour.

The renowned Parisian fine jewellery brand combines two concepts: the ethereal feminine allure and its underlying connection with historic events. There is an undeniable relationship between the powerful magnetism of women and the way they’ve been able to influence social, cultural and fashion trends. Exploring and celebrating these relations is the very core of Goralska’s brand vision and mission.

For three generations, the Evens family has excelled in the diamond and silverware business which ultimately led to the creation of Goralska brand in 2011. The graceful and subtle creations quickly became an identifier for femininity. With designs that are fulfilled, dynamic and rooted in historic references – they inspire as well as define entire generations of free-spirited, complex and strong women, who want to see the essence of their very femininity encapsulated forever within a statement piece of jewelry.

Goralska has three jewelry lines incorporating generous use of iridescent diamonds, multi-colored precious and semi-precious stones and high-quality 18 carat gold in an array of intricate and delicate patterns. Olivier (Olive Tree), Duality and Pensée are collections that are the very epitome of structural poetry and symbolize continuity. The combinations of dark and light nuances as well as bold shapes and luminous stones are a perfect representation of the fleeting, conflicting and powerful passions and desires that lurk deep within the feminine nature.

In an effort to create more wearable jewelry Goralska also introduced the “street jewelry” line with four collections – Duality, Imprint, Coincidence and Flame. Their sincere grammar and effortless finesse echo a message directed towards women in a direct and more down-to-earth manner. Corinne Evens draws from her roots, her faith and strength to create powerful designs that speak on an emotional level to other women

Ebony ring mounted on yellow gold and ebony set with one diamond, one orange sapphire and three opals

Water-flame earrings mounted on white gold paved with 300 diamonds, 220 blue sapphires, 360 orange sapphires and 100 yellow sapphires

Flame earring sapphires mounted on yellow gold set with 50 yellow sapphires, 50 oranges sapphires and 27 brown diamonds.

Coïncidence wedding band mounted on white gold set with 236 diamonds

Georges Evens – an influential and renowned diamond dealer - founds the Evens Group.
Corinne Evens alongside her family takes part in the creation of the Evens Foundation.
Corinne Evens launches her own jewellery brand Goralska.