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The horoscope jewelry trend: celebrate your individuality with personalized pieces matching your birthday astrological sign.

When we think personalized jewels, we obviously think about putting our initials on everything that could be called « accessory ».

By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Whether you are a peaceful Libra or a generous Sagittarius, make your ornament unique with the Zodiac jewelry trend. In a subtle way, jewelers have imagined a way to bejeweled a piece with your birthstone constellation.

The Eye of jewelry has selected for you two essentials accessories for a personal twist from ordinary customization possibility. From Edendiam to Satellite, here are two delicate ways to express your character.

The most traditional type of astrological jewelry is probably the pendant. Spotted on, the online destination for made-to-measure jewels, the zodiac necklace is worn as a new kind of talisman, honoring that define the essence of you. Customize your protective amulet while choosing the material (925 silver or 18 carat gold) and the precious gemstones to set the circle. Maximize the power of stars while choosing the gem that is belonging your birth sign! The Edendiam medallion can be worn alone or layered around the neck as a lucky charm during the day or in the evening to sublimate the décolleté and dress up all the outfits.

Virgo pendant mounted on white gold with emeralds and diamonds
Sagittarius pendant mounted on yellow gold with sapphires and diamonds

For a more whimsical option, let’s take a look at Satellite new collection. Introducing a new range draw by the astrological theme, the Satellite rings bring a poetic touch while associating each zodiac sign to a colorful gem, like Coral or Turquoise. The french brand’s pivoting ring hides in its verso the drawing of the constellation punctuated by three shiny diamonds. Jewelry is all about details, isnt’it ?  Whether opting for a delicate necklace or a colorful ring, make you sure to grab the zodiac power with these personalized jewels!

Pivoting ring mounted on yellow gold with turquoise and diamonds
Pivoting ring mounted on yellow gold with lapis lazuli and diamonds