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The re-birth of the brand : John Rubel

It took 3 full years to Sophie Mizrahi to transform the family name John Rubel, yet to be forgotten by the next jewelry generation, into a modern high jewelry brand  emporing an absolute sense of creativity, perfection and divine symmetry.

From Budapest to Paris and across the world’s most prestigious cities – John Rubel has become a household name in the world of jewelry through the evocative powers of the brand’s pieces and centuries-old artisan traditions that bring to life the most ethereal of qualities in a stone.

Established by two brothers – John and Robert Rubel – the lifeline of the company rests on the strong bonds of the Rubel family with jewelry-making, which have shaped the legacy of their influence over the modern high-end scene of sculpted accessories. Working with highly appreciated craftsmen has allowed the brand to transcend eras of trends and fleeting tendencies and create such flawless and timeless pieces, such as the legendary ballerina brooches that have essentially become the lifeline of the John Rubel name.

Richly embellished with rubies, turquoise, or diamonds and boasting elaborate designs, the iconic pieces relay the splendour and charm of an art that has defined a whole period of the history of modern Europe. The impressive and delicate creations of the skillful artisans captivate the imagination with the staggering blend of 21st-century modernity and mid-century glory – a combination that is truly rare to come across.

The jewellery designs of the brand are as varied and rich as the history of the Rubel family, drawing inspiration from European regal elegance and retro art deco style as well as Egyptian mysticism and contemporary minimalism. Limited to an annual production of about 25 pieces a year, John Rubel has retained its exclusivity and managed to preserve the legacy and artistic creativity of their designs.

Reawakening the sketches that have been kept in the family for generations has led the brand towards rediscovering its roots and introducing antique and classic shapes on the contemporary jewelry scene.

Vies de Bohème is the first collection of the newly-reborn brand comprised of 18 pieces. To read more information about the collection, click here.

For an exclusive interview with Sophie Rubel, click here.

John Rubel
Jolie Môme Ring set with a 4.14 carat pink sapphire from Mozambique, 1.45 carats of diamonds
John Rubel
Jolie Môme Earrings set with 2 pink sapphires 1.92 carats, 118 diamonds and 6 black diamonds.
John Rubel
Ginger Ring set with diamonds on yellow gold with two white pearls
John Rubel
Liberty Ring set with a 6.22 carat natural emerald, 16 baguette diamonds and 24 blue sapphires (no oil)
John and Robert Rubel establish the brand.
The brothers create jewellery for Barbara Hutton and the Maharani of Baroda.
The brand unveils its signature ballerina brooch.
The iconic crossover design bracelet is introduced to the world.
A 1945 gold and multi-gem ballerina brooch is auctioned for $87,608.
John Rubel limits its annual production and starts selling only by appointment and at private events.