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Little Ones Paris

Founded by Amélie Brunswick in 2015, Little Ones Paris is the brainchild of a creative woman who grew up in the diamond industry. Her idea? A little boy and a little girl made of baguette diamonds only set as mini-charms on a gold thin chain.

Amélie Brunswick first embarked on her jewelry journey as a gemologist who specializes in responsible jewelry. She started her career as a French consultant for diamond dealers and luxury brands on ways to improve their ethical conduct (RJC certification). Benefiting from this invaluable experience led her on to develop a passion and expertise in founding Little Ones Paris.

As a mother of two young children, the idea of “wearing them” in addition to owning a precious heirloom around your neck that could be passed down from one generation to the next came naturally. More than just another piece of luxurious jewelry, a Little One pendant symbolizes to Amélie, the birth of a new born combined to the joy of becoming a mother and a sign of pure love that would bind both mother and child for eternity.

The iconic shape of a boy and girl is beautifully crafted in baguette shape diamonds set on white, pink or yellow 18 carats gold by skilled artisans carefully chosen in Paris for their ethical awareness. She offers a variety of models ranging from necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bangles set with either a diamond boy and a diamond girl on white, yellow or pink gold.

Little Ones Paris can be worn by each and every women eager to celebrate maternal love or simply fond of jewelry cuteness.  For friends and family who are clueless on what to give to mothers as presents after birth, a meaningful piece of jewelry from Little Ones Paris could be the brilliant answer.

Amélie has plans to bring the brand to the next level by expanding its global presence in the next few years and continue her role in serving as an active advocate in creating consciousness in ethical engagement. At the same time, she hopes to partner with social organizations and contribute a portion of her turnover to a charity that corresponds well with the brand’s identity and mission statement

Little Ones Paris
Drop earrings mounted on white, rose and yellow gold
Little Ones Paris
Little boy pendant mounted on rose gold
Little Ones Paris
Little girl pendant mounted on white gold
Little Ones Paris
Cuff mounted on yellow gold
Amélie Brunswick launches Little Ones Paris