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Lou Yetu

Whimsical, feminine and super cool, just like its founder Camille Riou who recently launched Lou.Yetu a fashion jewelry brand inspired by the deceptive simplicity of modern communication.

Lou Yetu is a fine jewelry brand inspired by the elegant singularity of simple geometrical forms and shapes found in nature. The thoughtful and eye-catching designs are easy-to-wear and express the love of freedom and desire to experiment through the language of precious stones, yellow plated gold and other raw materials at affordable prices.

Made in Paris to the highest standards of artisany, the gold-plated jewels from Lou.Yetu are a delightful mixture of classic designs and ethnic motifs for a dazzling variety of colours, shapes and patterns. Hand-made with great care and attention to detail, the pieces demonstrate sublime craftsmanship and imagination for otherworldly combinations that explore new creative possibilities in the world of haute joaillerie.

The brand is known for its collections that are characterized by an ethereal allure – achieved through universal designs represented through refined materials and delicate pastel nuances. A skilful mix of modern and ethnic is behind’s Lou Yetu’s enthralling vision for affordable, highly wearable and diverse line of jewelry.

Camille Riou embodies her brand to perfection: young, hip, dynamic, fun, trendy and feminine. After studying Marketing and Communication in Lyon, she spends a short time in Geneva working before deciding to become an entrepreneur. In less than 18 months, she was a successful one!

Dedicated 150% on her project, she manages to open her first boutique in Paris after numerous private sales, and promotion on social media. She offers a wide range of vintage allure jewelry mixed with pieces with ornamental tribal themes inspired by the hippy culture of the 60s … prominently featured in the designs.

The eclectic charm of Lou Yetu is difficult to mimic with seemingly conflicting styles like bohemian chic, urban rock, contemporary minimalist and timeless fashionista being represented in equal proportions throughout the brand’s collections.

The custom-made jewelry fills a segment in the market that was previously overlooked in offering a fun, varied range of playful pieces to experiment with. All of this while retaining that eponymous Parisian style that infuses a spirit of delicacy and finesse in every piece of jewelry that Lou Yetu fashions.

Lou Yetu
Diana bangle bracelet mounted on gold plated with aventurine or rose quartz ~ 120 Euros
Lou Yetu
Clayde ring mounted on gold plated with zirconia ~ 50 Euros
Lou Yetu
Celeste half moon earrings mounted on gold plated ~ 40 Euros
Lou Yetu
Achille necklace mounted on gold plated ~ 48 Euros
The Lou Yetu brand is launched.