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When Louis Vuitton goes dramatic : ACTE V – THE ESCAPE

Played in several acts, the final one – ACTE V
THE ESCAPE, Louis Vuitton’s high jewelry collection comprises of many art deco features in addition to dominant shades of blue.

Vuitton’s Acte V collection embodies the best features of the the Art Deco years with its pure manifestation of creative energy and its streamlined modern aesthetics. The sculptural architectural style is a beautiful nod to a more industrial and futuristic style that is a natural continuation of the first chapter of Acte V.

Born in the distant 1930s, Streamline Moderne was a breath of fresh air in the midst of a bleak reality and, fortunately, it has retained its quality to inspire and influence people throughout its evolution. Growing and developing with the changing world – different industrial elements started to find their way into the intricate designs that soon outgrew the heavy reliance on the Art Deco style. Functionality was a feature being rendered obsolete on the fine jewellery scene as opposed to the growing popularity of qualities, such as luxury, stature and social relevance.

Today, the Acte V/The Escape collection is a wonderful representation of the gradual evolution and blend of distinctive styles and inspirations, resulting in pieces of staggering fluidity. A wide array of necklaces, sensual bracelets, voluptuous clip earrings and opulent rings, bearing the V motif, exhibit the superb blend of artisan traditions, adaptability and creative vision. The wonderful play with lengths and perspectives through the use of cascading pearls turns the pieces into dynamic compositions of sculptural precision and symmetry.

Louis Vuitton’s sixth high jewellery collection takes a bold turn by incorporating an unusual choice of precious stones like a 32-carat Paraíba tourmaline in contrast with black opals or verdant emeralds. Delicate gray pearls are positioned next to onyx and sapphire for a more dramatic effect. Vividly-hued spinels, rubies and saturated violet sapphire come together in an effective play on nuances that explores the full spectrum of the colour palette Tourmalines and pearls make for a remarkably good combination that instantly mesmerizes and captivates the wild at heart.

The Acte V/The Escape would not have reached its full potential unless it was for the pioneering spirit, vision and eloquent form of expression of the Maison Louis Vuitton. His creative genius continues to be the sole inspiration behind the house’s infinite line of ephemeral and classic creations.