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Marco Dal Maso, the designer who connects jewels to your skin, just like a precious tattoo.

Initially inspired by his travels around the world, Marco Dal Maso launched his eponymous brand as a masculine jewelry reflection of antique culture and tradition. After designing jewelry for men for 6 years, he just unveiled his first and feminine collection in Las Vegas, last June.

By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Marco Dal Maso, founder and designer of Marco Dal Maso, has grown up in his family jewelry company, DML, in the heart of the Vicenza, a region in Italy considered as the city of gold. Along his father’s side, he has learnt to craft and design elegant jewelry pieces exclusively realized by the expert hands of their artisans, always keeping in mind the Made in Italy approach.

As a true passionate about history and mythology, he took a trip to New-Zealand where he discovered the culture of Maori and their ancestral practice of using « ta moko », a type of chiseled tattoo, to illustrate achievements and status.

As a result of this eye-opening trip, the globe-trotter designer founded men’s jewelry label « Marco Ta Moko » in 2010. Each piece of the collection is bold and unique in its own right, mixing tribal inspiration and symbolic message.

Designed for the modern man, some of its pieces are quite unisex and can be wear by woman. Being selected amongst the uprising jewelry talents of the Las Vegas Couture Show, Marco dal Maso unveiled his first jewelry collection imagined for women exclusively. The AMAIA circle ring has been inspired by his travels around the world and nights spent in the Ocean front. Set with champagne diamonds and green sapphires, the 18kt yellow gold ring celebrates the lunar rainbow, a astral phenomenon when a light halo surrounds the moon.

The level of detail and craftsmanship behind each piece reaches the top jewelry standards which for the matter require hours of meticulous hard work : the triangle Moon earrings is an example. How not to be stunned by those blue sapphires earrings ? A sleek design set in the richest way, celebrating the women beauty.

The range wouldn’t be complete without an iconic bangle. Here is why has been designed the Amaia round framed cuff : rounded lines set with diamonds and blue sapphire to adorn your wrist.

Celebrating the identity of a person, his pieces are edgy, bold and daring. As a matter of fact the jewelry Marco Dal Maso creates can’t be worn by every woman. Like a story that must be read, his pieces need to be understood to be appreciated.

Marco Dal Maso
Amaia Circle Ring mounted on yellow gold with diamonds and green sapphire
Marco Dal Maso
Triangle Moon Earrings mounted on black gold with champagne diamonds and blue sapphires
Marco Dal Maso
Amaia Round framed cuff mounted on white gold with champagne diamonds and blue sapphires
Marco Dal Maso
Amaia Drop Pendant mounted on rose gold with champagne diamonds and pink sapphires