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The purest of metals come together with a dazzling array of vivid gemstones in a magical process of alchemy

Emerging from the creative collaboration of two kindred souls – Meadowlark is the merger of their creative vision, ethereal sense of style and broad experience. Diverse elements inspire and define the brand’s varied collections, but the focus always remains on retaining the clarity of composition, purity of materials and meticulous execution.

The utterly unique aesthetic of Meadowlark has quickly skyrocketed the brand’s fame and popularity among A-list celebrities like FKA Twigs, Rihanna and Lorde whose forward fashion sense resonates with the ceremonial glamour of the jewellery. It combines a cool, trendy edge with the aesthetics of sculptural lines for a one-of-a-kind glamorous feel.

New and exclusive, Meadowlark continues to challenge people’s perception of how high-end jewellery should look like with its metallic clarity becoming the signature trademark of the brand. The beautiful and sardonic pieces have a dark ritualistic charm that is truly bewitching. It is highly unusual for a brand of this rank to incorporate such morbid and obscure references in their pieces and still remain sought-after and fashionable.

The collections follow a similar stylistic aesthetic of severe geometrical shapes, gentle curves and the sparing use of bleak previous stones. This defines the metallic undertone of Meadowlark’s edgy cool designs. Made in Auckland, sterling silver, gold, or platinum are exclusively used to convey a sense of dark allure.

A large selection of fun and unorthodox designs, featuring serpents, skulls and bones, geometrical figures, cat claws, bows and swallows, comprise the diverse portfolio of Meadowlark. Working with the finest craftsmen in New Zealand and high-quality silver, gold, or platinum in combination with precious stones, the brand defines its signature style as timeless elegance with a rock’n’roll edge.

Thunder bolt stud earrings mounted on white gold
Empire ring mounted on white gold with rose quartz
Heart & Arrow necklace mounted on white gold with rose quartz and white diamonds
Protea cocktail ring mounted on white gold with a custom cut stone
Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont found Meadowlark.