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Nikos Koulis’ Oui collection: a collection of unique engagement rings you cannot resist.

With his art deco inspired Oui collection, the Greek designer Nikos Koulis has brought a creative freshness to the engagement rings’ world. Explanations below.

By Marie-Caroline Selmer

Coming from an established family business in jewelry, the Greek designer Nikos Koulis created his eponymous brand in 2006 that keeps on putting him under the international scene for success and recognition.


Led by his passion for jewels, he completed his Literature studies in the Gemological Institute of America before following his family tradition. His avant-garde take in his craftsmanship and his Mediterranean flair come together in his pieces which resonate beyond the boundaries of fashion and international buyers.


The fine jeweler caught the attention of brides to be, jewelry press and the rest of the world with his Oui collection, redefining the classic engagement ring. His first bridal collection was awarded in Las Vegas with the 2015 Couture Design Award.


The core Oui collection consists of rings, pendants and earrings but we cannot take our eyes off his engagement rings with their unique mix of geometric sharp angles and round curves setting sliced diamonds, emerald cut Paraiba tourmalines or deep green emeralds.


The traditional gold band and diamond ring has yet to be forgotten with his magnificent creations combining diamonds, emeralds and enamel, which is used as the designer’s signature touch along with the exceptional quality of stones.


The Greek designer Nikos Koulis is never afraid to experiment with different shapes, cuts or stones. Diamonds in the Oui collection appear in various sizes and shapes, including 2-carat emerald cuts and 6-carat cushion cuts, what exactly will appeal stylish and modern women.


Evolving the collection’s design, the Oui Collection Lariat Series introduce new playful combinations with new stones, such a Paraibas, pink and purple sapphires. At the Couture Show in Las Vegas, he was again acclaimed for his Oui Lariat necklace winning the Couture Award in June 2016 in the Haute Couture Category: a new proof of a worldwide recognition and success. Until the next one …

Nikos Koulis
 Oui ring mounted on white gold with white diamonds, pink sapphire and grey enamel
Nikos Koulis
Oui ring mounted on white gold with white diamonds, paraiba and grey enamel
Nikos Koulis
Oui earrings with black enamel and diamonds
Nikos Koulis
 Oui necklace with white diamonds, paraiba and grey enamel frame