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Pamela Love… story of a New-Yorker born to be a botanist who became a jewelry designer.

Androgynous with a baby face, Pamela Love embodies Brooklyn to perfection. She is an artist at heart that has always been fascinated by astronomy and botany. Although she was trained to be a film director her destiny dragged her towards gold and diamonds. Worn by the Roitfeld: the mother Carine and the daughter Julia, Pamela Love also collaborates with TopShop or JCrew to develop capsule collections defined as mystical modern urbanism.

Pamela Love is a fine jewelry designer with a true cosmopolitan spirit reflected perfectly in her lust-worthy pieces that are hip, futuristic and exceedingly vibrant. Deeply spiritual and intuitive, her creations are the ultimate representation of the urban mysticism of her native New York.

Traditional tribal artisan patterns from North Africa and the American folklore intertwine with strong influences from astronomy, astrology, alchemy and botany to create a dazzling variety of recognizable contemporary compositions. Pamela boldly experiments with the inclusion of seemingly clashing concepts, such as European iconography and Mexican folk art and that works amazingly well in the architecturally stylized pieces.

The seamless aesthetic of the brand shines through in its pared-down pieces that are imbued with inherent elegance and style. Referencing ancient motifs and powerful symbols has become the signature trademark for Pamela Love and one that defines the ethos of her philosophy on the high-end jewelry scene. Understated and elegant – the ornate designs are currently rocking the world of fashion.

Stylish, cool and confident – Pamela Love boldly mixes ancient and modern influences in a variety of precious stones and materials to turn traditional concepts into something new and exciting. The launch of her organic collections Stardust, Diana and Moonphase are a perfect representation of the ethos of the brand, which relies on the bridging of the gap between past, present and future, transcending all material boundaries.

Pamela’s symbolic designs and architecturally-inspired shapes are easy to wear and stand out on their own merit through the subtle use of pavé rubies, diamonds and gold in various nuances. Avoiding flamboyance for the sake of flamboyance alone, she carefully navigates on the verge of highly-conceptual but unpretentious and beautiful jewels.

With a definite modern edge and antique-inspired allure, the brand has become eponymous for the fusion of modern elegance with references from the past in the creation of intricate and trendy jewelry.

Pamela Love
Moon Phase Collar mounted on yellow gold with pave blue sapphires
Pamela Love
Essential ring mounted on yellow gold plate over sterling silver with lapis and topaz
Pamela Love
Beam earrings mounted on rose gold plate over sterling with moonstone and white topaz
Pamela Love
Jasper sapphire ring mounted on sterling silver
Pamela Love starts her line from her Brooklyn apartment.