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Parme Marin, the ethnical jewelry creator

She combines leather, bones and stones. She makes jewelry pieces that are as unique as they are original. Parme Marin, French designer living in New York and fetching inspiration in Morroco, combines bright colors, geometric patterns and raw textures to give birth to the enthralling vision of her eponymous brand.

Paris-born designer who now lives in New York, Parme Marin certainly has a lot to offer in terms of creativity. Her bespoke collections combine her experiences and impressions through her namesake cosmopolitan brand. A wide range of materials come together in a profound variety of combinations that are relevant in a social and ecological context, going as far as making use of recycled objects.

Working closely with talented local artisans in Morocco in order to promote social responsibility, the brand has established itself as a leader in reviving ancient techniques and combining them with modern materials for a modern reinterpretation of what jewelry should look like. Splitting her time between New York and Paris, the young artist has demonstrated considerable maturity for her years and has grown together with her brand and creative vision to include more dramatic and bold.

Her first pieces were featured in Vogue Italia for their unique and exotic influence – the signature Berbère necklace being the crown of the collection with its original use of traditional Moroccan coins. Parme Marin incorporates rich, lush colours and raw materials like velvet, wood and bone to create new shapes and variations. Her designs are deeply emotional and inspiring for their profound symbolical meaning and connection to all the places the designer has travelled to.

Some of the more urban pieces exhibit a fluid, androgynous style with quirky, bold and eye-catching aesthetics through the use of non-conventional materials and a large palette of colors. Others are enchantingly different and boast a profound African tribal textile theme. The leading motif in all of Parme’s designs is diversity and the mix of details and sobriety is very strong.

The brand’s varied collections are as diverse and overwhelming as the places that inspired them – from picturesque Jericoacoara to the small crowded streets of Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen – there is a deep, underlying sense of freedom and exploration throughout the lines that appeals to the wild-at-heart.

Parme Marin
Duo necklace with leather, suede, indian pieces and lapis lazuli
Parme Marin
Feathery necklace with velvet, stones, mother of pearl buttons and feathers
Parme Marin
Bike chain necklace with leather, african glass beads, bike chain
Parme Marin
Corail + necklace with suede, leather, bead and coral imitations
Parme Marin is selected by Vogue as part of their new talents program.