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Her liberated spirit from any kind of partialities led Lauren Rubinski to launch Pristine at the age of 24. Inspired by the tribal movement, her collections have broken all the luxury ground rules by making a cone stud passing through on ear from top-to-bottom her best-selling product.

By Eléonor Picciotto

When she first launched Pristine, her only jewelry experience was through her grandma’s jewelry box she would come visit once in a while in Cap d’Antibes in South of France. Her grandma was her idol. “She was filled with an incredible energy and gentle eccentricity,” explains Lauren Rubinski. Being a long-time fan of the fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa, the young and talented jewelry designer spent her childhood with adults, which helped her develop her wild imagination.

Her best seller is a cone earring mounted on gold and set with precious stones. The original design comes from the representation of a Kayapo spear, an echo to the Maasai horn. Defined by relentless energy and a pinch of madness, just like her grandma, Lauren has always been creative. Seven years later, she is today an accomplished designer. People either love or hate her products, but there are never critisized in any half measures. The tribal collections boast earrings sold in pairs or as a single item, as well as rings and cuff bracelets. Each one of her pieces showcases a proud style, whether it’s her nose ring, the tunnel piercing or her articulated rings. Lauren is entirely self-taught, and draws ergonomic, minimalistic and unpretentious designs guided by her instinct.

Always copied, but never equaled, the designer imposes her contemporary are with taste and panache! It’s certainly daring, but a stance that has well and truly paid off!

White diamonds cône
White diamonds corne
Black gold & diamonds two rows ring
White diamond pearl earring
Lauren Rubinski launches Pristine.
Her reputation rapidly grows: Montaigne Market or Colette become her retailers.
Pristine’s market grows into the Middle-East requesting her attendance to the Doha Watch and Jewellery Show.