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Ancient Chinese inspiration breathes life into Qeelin’s exceptional pieces that evoke the mythical essence of the country’s rich heritage

A relatively small and young company has risen on the high-end jewelry scene and taken the industry by storm with its unusual and bold designs. The combination of French craftsmanship with traditional Chinese themes creates a brand new and uncanny aesthetic. It’s a design-based brand whose pieces tell a story and the precious stones are there to enhance it.

The unusual and striking combination between hip and contemporary concepts in a combination with traditional Chinese symbols produces statement jewelry, which can be both casual and glamorous. Qeelin’s main intent is to work around the rigid patterns the high-end jewellery market is inundated with and create compositions that are dynamic, fun and mesmerizing. Revisiting ancient elements in a luxurious and innovative way pays off in the enchantingly different products they are able to release.

Discovering Qeelin is discovering China’s ancient significance and rich heritage bent through the prism of modern functionality and high-end luxury. This happens through the creative merger of East and West inspirations in forming the brand’s strong identity and original style. The bespoke collections Wulu, Bo Bo, Qin Qin or Yu Yi are exclusively made of precious metals and stones that enhance the unique elements and symbols at the core of their essence.

Seductive and elegant, Qeelin’s pieces seduce with timeless beauty and historic relevance by re-imagining traditional symbols in a contemporary context. The power and mysticism of ancient elements relays beautifully the concept of abundance and harmony. Celebrating love, understanding and protection is at the core of the brand’s ethos of bringing together Chinese culture and contemporary jewelry design.

Distinctively unique and enchantingly different, Qeelin’s essence is a mesmerizing blend of seemingly conflicting cultures and inspirations for unique and lavishly beautiful high-end jewellery designs.

Classic Bo Bo pendant mounted on white gold with ceramic and diamonds
Small naughty Bo Bo ring mounted on white gold with black and white diamonds
Flying Bo Bo necklace in 18K white gold with pave diamonds and black diamonds and ballon paved with rubies
Wulu necklace mounted on white and rose gold with ruby
Qeelin is launched in Paris.