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Repossi: bold and daring jewelry.

Sculptural statement pieces with soul and strong individuality – the secret behind Repossi’s rise to fame on the high-end jewelry scene thanks to Gaia – great granddaughter of the founder.

Revelled by the fashion industry for her ability to infuse family traditions with contemporary relevance, Gaia Repossi has established herself as a leading designer of original and vivid pieces. Inspired from an early age by her father’s creative spirit and experience, she pursued an education in painting before obtaining a degree in archaeology – a perfect representation of her untameable and change-seeking nature.

A strong passion for contemporary art and modern sculpture is the drive behind Repossi’s interest in exploring minimalistic, modern motifs through the use of complex patterns. Her unique and effortless style has established itself as an influential force in the high-end jewelry world, leading to numerous collaborations such as Alexander Wang or an exhibition at the Jeu de Paume in Paris.

Being the protégé of one of the most renowned families in the jewelry world, Gaia has inherited her grandfather and father’s passion for capturing beauty through the inclusion of multiple influences within a single piece. From her eponymous Burned Gold collection to the classic White Noise, Antifer and Berbere – her youthful spirit leads the brand in a new direction of class and elegance.

Enriched and inspired by tribal and ethnic accents, the new designs are a natural and dazzling continuation of the artistic path, set forth by Constantino Repossi when he first founded the brand. The incorporation of new techniques and contemporary influences gives a new impulse to the vibrant and edgy pieces that dazzle with modern minimalism, aesthetic composure and exquisite craftsmanship.

The band makes headlines for its ornate, highly-stylized jewelry that incorporates brilliant diamonds and polished gold in different colours. Repossi has become synonymous with its sculptural diamond-studded pieces that exhibit remarkable consistency, quality and style.

Three rows module berber ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds

White noise choker mounted on rose gold

White noise cuff bracelet mounted on rose gold with diamonds

Berber five rows module ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds

4 rings berber earring mounted on rose gold with diamonds

Constantino Repossi founds the brand in Italy.
The brand opens its first boutique in Monte Carlo.
Repossi is chosen as the official purveyor of H.R.H. the Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
Gaia Repossi becomes the new Creative Director and Designer of the brand.
Introduction of the iconic Berbere Collection.
Repossi debuts its White Noise collection at the iconic Jeu de Paume in Paris.
Repossi partners with LVMH to expand the brand.