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Sparkling Jewelry spotted in Basel

More than a simple object of stature, a piece of jewelry is a part of your internal world but it all comes down to your vision, your taste and emotions.

Talented Audrey Savransky from AS29 showed her Bamboo collection with blackened gold and emeralds

Charriol stayed Forever Young with their colorful collection.

Chanel worked with Atelier Lesage for the embroideries on some watches that are a must-seen.

De Grisogono lightened up the iconic Alegra with 7 instead of 9 bands. A new Alegra for everyone to wear and more to buy.

Hermès launched a pocket watch with a case set as a diamond spider web.

Hulchi Belluni showcased the full Boeli Boeli collection with the elastic bracelets set with precious stones and metal.

Isabelle Langlois, loyal to her colors showed a stunning Toi & Moi of vivid red stones mounted on white gold and diamonds.

Famous blogger Jay-C Yeap from Singapore launched his brand Viktor Alexander specializing in bracelets made of stingray and stones.

Van der Bauwede unveiled the Crazy Jungle pendant line.

Yoko London mixed diamonds and pearls in modern designs