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Stephen Webster a rock’n’roll British talent

He has won multiple awards (the last one was in June at the Couture Design Award in Las Vegas). He is designs rock jewelry like no-others. His jewelry collection flirt with the high-jewelry caption. His name is Stephen Webster – a British talent who set his brand less than two decades ago.

The London-based Stephen Webster luxury jewelry brand is praised for its cutting-edge designs, innovative vision and exquisite execution of composition. Its modern interpretation of classic imagery celebrates traditional craftsmanship through constant re-invention and unique concepts.

Bold and glamorous pieces convey the highest level of precision craftsmanship and imaginative imagery. With a meticulous approach and superb technical expertise, Stephen Webster re-interprets jewelry as a form of storytelling that conveys a tale of pure devotion, sublime beauty and ethereal presence. Provoking, iconic and glamorous – his pieces are an infinitely beautiful combination of contemporary design, meticulous attention to detail and superb execution.

Webster’s approach of glistening synergy produces jewelry whose luxurious aesthetic shines through in the devastatingly glamorous and magnificently fluid composition of the pieces. The combination of rare and precious opals, beryls, tourmalines, tanzanites, diamonds and peridots produces creations that are polished, refined and enchantingly different. With a magical sought-after grace, the dynamic designs captivate with their clean art forms, painstaking craftsmanship and surreal charm.

The artistry of Stephen Webster finds inspiration in every aspect of life relaying it in exquisite detail with exquisite combinations of different types of gold, precious metals and rare gemstones. Every one of his collections – Deco, Murder She Wrote, Forget me Knot, Poison Ivy and the rest – tells a tale of cascading brilliance and dramatic glamour. His signature style has made him a favourite of Hollywood A-listers and his creations often grace red carpet and other high-profile events.

Full of dangerous, intoxicating beauty – every piece is hand-crafted to perfection to convey the artistic sensitivity of the brand. The combination of exceptional savoir-faire and expertise turns Stephen Webster’s creations into bespoke works of art that reinforce the vision of high jewelry and conveys his desire to attain perfection above all.

Stephen Webster
New York bracelet mounted on white gold

Stephen Webster
Fly By Night Chain Pave Earrings set in 18ct yellow gold with white diamonds
Stephen Webster
Crystal haze large ring mounted on white gold with black opalescent clear quartz 

Stephen Webster
Belle Epoque pendant mounted on white gold with blue sapphires
Stephen Webster opens his first boutique in London.
Stephen Webster becomes creative director at Garrard & Co while retaining the same role in his namesake company.