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Stone Paris or the diamond dreamer

With her delicate pieces of jewelry made of different types of gold and diamonds Marie Poniatowski managed to seduce men and women with her Stone collection.

Born in the fashion world with a father who was the French director of Vogue Magazine for years, Marie Poniatowski was raised between Helmut Newton photoshoots and Grace Kelly’s elegance, both family friends.

Looking for a universe full of dreams and beauty, she begins her career in the world of film-making before discovering the jewelry industry.

In 2004 Marie Poniatowski co-founds Stone, a jewelry brand inspired by rock’n’roll attitude and romanticism. Over the years Stone has set its own identity with delicate pieces of jewelry made of gold and micro-paved diamonds exclusively.

Reflecting women’s sensitivity into light and poetic jewerly, most collections sweat off the Victoria period, an era Marie Poniatowski is fond of.
Splitting up with her partner in 2012, Stone becomes Stone Paris where Marie Poniatowski keeps her architectural lines, travel memories and nature elements to inspire her collections.

Between arachnidan lace and bright diamonds pieces, the dormeusesbecome Stone’s signature: a typical pair of earring from the 19th century formed by a suspended element on a curved gold rod.

Stone Paris
Love is in the air earrings mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Stone Paris
Yesterday necklace mounted on white gold with diamonds 
Stone Paris
Yasmine rings mounted on white, black, pink and yellow gold with diamonds
Stone Paris
Suspicious Mind rings mounted on white, black and pink gold with diamonds