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Swarovski, the master of crystals and king of cutting.

A world of crystal mastery is revealed through the infinite creative potential of Swarovski’s artistry.

The world-renowned niche brand – if not jeweler per sé-  has long been recognised for the inimitable luxury and clear design aesthetic off its spell-binding creations. Each piece represents an infusion of masterful attention to detail, superb craftsmanship and flawless crystals for jewellery that emanates an effortless, modern glamour.

Lightness and energy flow through the dynamic compositions that exhibit a staggering play on light, simplicity of form and elegance that is timeless and delicate. Sparkling and matte crystals are combined in an infinite variety of elaborate designs and a uniquely prolific creative process. Every piece tells an emotional story of the blending of powerful energies. Through a meticulous process of beading, pave, bezel and prong setting the inherent qualities of the crystals used are enhanced and brought to a new level of exquisite refinement. Swarovski’s know-how and continuous improvement of technique pushes the boundaries of crystal jewelry to new extremes of flawless symmetry and vivid composition.

Best known for their proprietary technique, such as Pointiage, the brand is defined by the ultra-precise quality of the work performed by its artisans. Meticulous attention to detail and superb technical expertise ensure that every piece exhibits a luxurious textured contrast of the highly polished crystal stones. Elegance, beauty and power are effortlessly emanated from the architecturally austere and spectacularly constructed pieces.

The clarity and beauty of Swarovski crystals are perfectly complemented by the amazing versatility of the pieces, giving an eclectic, cutting-edge look out of this world. Exploring the magical, crisp, craggy crystalline form through some of the brand’s most iconic lines – Manhattan by Philippe Ferrandis, Core, Swift by Shaun Leane and Viktor & Rolf – reveals in depth Swarovski’s light-filled world of breath-taking range and brilliance, high-quality craftsmanship and mastery in design.

Circlet small hoop pierced earrings
Stardust deluxe bracelet
Creativity ring mounted on rose gold-plated with crystals
Stone mini bangle
Daniel Swarovski invents an electric machine that cuts more accurately, marking a new era for crystal.
Swarovski financier Armand Kosman and Franz Weis found the Swarovski company.
Marilyn Monroe sings to the American president in a flesh-coloured dress covered with Swarovski crystals.
The brand opens its first boutique.
Swarovski creates the 9-foot-diameter (2.7 m), 550-pound (250 kg) star or snowflake that tops the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York City.
Swarovski implements the magical ‘Crystal Forest’ interior design in stores worldwide.