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What are the 6 most Expensive Diamonds in The World?

Marylin Monroe once said : Diamonds are girls best friend…  Isn’t it ? The Eye of Jewelry spotted for you the 6 most expensive diamonds in the world. Be ready, it is hard to believe!

As a reminder, until the 18th century, India was considered to be the only source of diamonds in the world, yet, it appears that it isn’t and more sources have come to the face of earth to give birth to some unique beauties.

Pink star

Discovered in Africa in 1999, the Pink Star diamond weighed 132.5 Carats and was sold for a world record price of $83 million in November, 2013 at during the Sotheby’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction.

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond
The world’s largest blue diamond weighting 14,62 Carats. This extremely rare gem was sold for 57.54 Millions of Euros at the Christie’s Geneva auction on May 18th of 2016.

The Blue Moon Of Josephine
This amazing blue gem weighting 12.03 carats was discovered in Africa in the Cullinan’s mine and was sold for 48.4 Mio Euros.

Graff Pink
Certified as ” Fancy intense Pink ” this gem with 24.78 carats was sold for 46 Mio USD.

The Princie
In honor of Baroda’s Prince this gem was discovered in India in the Golconda’s mine and was sold for 39.3 Mio dollars.

The Orange
From South Africa this gem with 14.82 Carats was sold for 35 Mio dollars.