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Tie me if you can with one of the Top 5 jewelry bows we stumbled upon

If bejeweled bows conveyed a message back in the 17th century, jewelry brands kept on designing them in many different ways. Snapshot on the Top 5 jewelry diamond bows The Eye of Jewelry found the more interesting.

A bow is a bow: symmetrical with two circular upper parts, a center and two lower parts looking straight like thick rods paved with diamonds. Our Top 5 jewelry bows can all be described starting with the adjective « super »…

If we start with Super Rock, the award goes to the Forget Me Knot cuff signed by Stephen Webster set with faceted black opals tied by black diamonds and blue sapphires.

Stephen Webster
‘Forget Me Knot’ Bow Crystal Haze Cuff mounted on 18ct white gold with black opal

The Insolence Ring by Chaumet is Super Hot. By mixing entwined rose gold with diamond paved on the white gold part, the contrast is brilliant. Subtly flirting next to one another, it is as if two souls were to be united in one; opposites attract after all.

Insolence ring mounted on rose and white gold with diamonds

Super Modern are the Maud Earrings signed by Chanel. With a mix of baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, the Chanel bow is tied on one side almost too casually to be considered a piece of high-jewelry as if Gabrielle did not have the time nor did she care if the bow was perfectly tied in a symmetrical bow-way.

Maud earrings mounted on white gold with baguette and brilliant cut diamonds

Garrard isn’t the oldest British Jewelry for nothing. Their bow design was originally made for the Queen as Super Classic. In 2015, when the Garrard design team re-launched the brand, they decided to modernize the iconic design into open bangles and dangling earrings.

Bow bangle mounted on white gold with diamonds

Yvonne Leon is the rockstar of earring and ear jacket. Her Bow Pearl is not only super cool but Super Accessible compared to the above… Priced at 1’875 Euros, the earring is mounted on yellow gold and paved with diamonds under which a cultured pearl is mounted on a golden rod.

Yvonne Léon
Pearl Bow mounted on yellow gold