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Top 10 of the best colored stone engagement rings

Not only diamonds are eternal but diamond jewelry remain very fashionable. For a more ecclectic style, and engagement ring in style, some rather opt for colored stones. The Eye of Jewelry has spotted 10 engagement rings with colored stones.

When central diamonds are replaced by colored stones, neutral style is replaced by vivid style. Nevertheless, an engagement ring remains a symbol of love, promise and eternity carried at all time on the left hand finger. The color of the stone on a ring is supposed to confer a particular meaning to the engagement the spouses are comitting to.
Check out the 10 engagement rings, The Eye of Jewelry has spotted for you.
1- Alexandre Reza:

Twist Ruby Ring
Not only Alexandre Reza’s pieces of jewelry are mounted with exceptional if not unique stones, the Twist Ruby ring is made of an unheated Burmese oval-shaped ruby worth 7.03 carats. 4.41 carats of twisted marquise-cut diamonds and 0.41 carats worth brilliant-cut diamonds are mounted on the ring around the central stone.

2-Dior Joaillerie:

Rose Dior Pre Catelan
Rose Quartz is known under the stone of “soft love,” bringing peace in relationships. The pink quartz is the central stone of the ring trimmed in the rose flower shape on a what seems like a branch made of red gold ended by a brilliant cut diamond. ( ~ 3’900 Euros)

3- Etername:

Bague Soleil
A Blue topaz stone is often associated with courage, favoring loyalty, friendship sweetness and integrity, a blue topaz calms mental anxiety. Described as the sun-shape ring, the central stone is surrounded by four oval rows of diamonds.

4- Gucci :

The Horsebit cocktail ring
The citrine helps to open the spirit to new thoughts and balance impatience and agitation. The Gucci Horsebit Ring is mounted on white gold 18K, with a 21 carats yellow citrine surrounded by 257 diamonds worth 1.50 carats.

5- Harry Winston:

Classic Winston
Symbol of hope, fertility and financial well-being within the couple, the emerald is supposed to break itself when an adultery is committed… or that’s what the legends says. In the meantime, the Emerald-cut Emerald-Ring by Harry Winston is set with tapered baguette diamond side stones mounted on platinum ring and 18K yellow gold prawns.

6- Katherine Jetter :

Collector’s Opal Ring
The Opal is considered to be a stone strongly associated with feelings, including love, passion and spontaneity. The 11.90ct black Lightning Ridge opal is custom-cut on a platinum and diamond micro-pavé ring. This striking opal is extremely rare in size and quality.

7- Mauboussin:

Eternity and Elegance
After diamonds, the sapphire is the most sold precious stone in the world. Evoking sincerity, happiness and loyalty the Mauboussin ring Eternity and Elegance set in white gold, blue sapphires and diamonds can be a choice of taste. (~ starting around 7’300 Euros)

8- Pomellato:

Colpo di fulmine
The Amethyst calms down strong feelings, clarifies the thoughts and helps to reach widsom. The flat oval shape amethyst is mounted on blackened white gold and paved with 0.15 carats of diamonds. (~ 2’100 Euros)

9- Tiffany & Co.:

Tiffany Soleste
The Tiffany Soleste is a pear shape yellow diamond mounted on white gold and paved brilliant cut diamond. (~ Starting at 11′ 500 Euros)

10- Chaumet:

Diadème Joséphine

The Ruby is a symbol of love and victory, happiness and passion. The Tiara ring inspired from Princess Josephine is made of platinum, brilliant cut diamonds and a pear-shape ruby worth 1 carat.