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Two for one: The Bague Bracelet

An anecdotal piece of jewelry some would say. Found in the archives of the house, the Poiray team decided to create the Bague Bracelet and unveiled it for the first time in Paris at the Hotel Evreux during an event they organized in association with Action Enfance.

Two for one ! That’s what you get thanks to the innovation process Poiray went through to develop a bracelet also wearable as a ring … to keep on the legacy of tranformable and interchangeable pieces of jewelry.

The bague bracelet was born from a drawing found in the archives of the house, imagined forty years ago but never produced.

Poiray unveiled for the first time the Bague Bracelet set with either rubies, diamonds or emeralds during the 40th anniversary event of the brand that took place at the Hotel Evreux Place Vendom early November.

Taking the octogonal shape born in the 1980’s and transforming it into something wearable… The Bracelet Bague (Ring Bracelet) is made of yellow gold with 8 consecutive octogonal shapes around the wrist or set as a ring with 8 layers of gold on the finger. Toped with three baguette-cut precious stones: emerald, diamond, ruby or sapphire, the Bague Bracelet by Poiray has a vintage look and an art déco style, although it is 2015 new piece !


Bague Bracelet with Rubies ~17’900 Euros


Bague Bracelet with diamonds ~18’900 Euros


Bague Bracelet with emeralds ~17’900 Euros