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Italian Modernism seen by Vhernier jewelers.

Vhernier started as an Italian goldsmith from Valenza – over the years the jewelry collections have set grounds in contemporary and unconventional designs continuing to dazzle and inspire.

Numerous iconic creations have marked the history of Vhernier since the brand’s creation in 1984 until its present day status of a renowned house of fine jewelry. Designing and creating pieces of unparalleled beauty and vivid colours of extremely rare and precious stones has become the signature trademark of the brand – one that reveals a passion and thorough knowledge of gemstones and exquisite goldsmith techniques.

Free-flowing shapes, play on nuances and beautiful designs make the ethos of the brand, where each individual piece is interpreted as a discovery. In its creations Vhernier transforms the staggering fragility of floral shapes into a surreal succession of gold, diamonds and precious stones. Animal-inspired designs come alive in fluid compositions of illuminating mastery and emotion.

Deep beautiful hues of jade, coral and lapis lazuli are used in combination with the rarest, most beautiful diamonds and precious stones to celebrate Nature’s exuberance and vitality. Uncanny craftsmanship techniques allow for the blending of colours, shapes and materials in the ultimate composition of art and architecture that caresses all senses.

Every jewel tells a story of decades-long artisan traditions, perfected to a point of being able to convey the purest emotions of the designer, resonate with the inner emotions of the wearer and convey a sense of magic and light into the lives of everyone that come to possess it. From the beloved and recognized creations – he Calla necklace, the Pirouette ring, the Palloncino brooch and the Vague earrings to the more recent collections of the brand – its commitment to ethereal aesthetics is clearly visible throughout its approach.

A deep, underlying love for the natural world permeates the world of Vhernier, defining its style as one of organic fluidity and seamless elegance that is designed to celebrate life in all its multifaceted beauty.

“Calla”Pendant mounted on rose gold
“Plissè” Bracelet mounted on satin rose gold
“Olimpia” necklace mounted on titanium with diamonds
“Tourbillon” ring mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Vhernier opens its first flagship store in Valenza, Italy.
Aura Holding acquires Vhernier.
Vhernier counts 10 boutiques and numerous retail stores covering 19 countries.