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To keep under the jewelry radar: Virginie David

An ounce of art-déco inspiration brought thrown into out 21st century to invent bespoke jewelry with otherworldly allure and feminine finesse revealed through a multitude of compositions and nuances thanks to new designer Virginie David.

Paris-born Virginie David is an artist in every sense and her uniquely designed jewelry proves it. Being the daughter of precious stone dealers, her taste and passion for uncovering the underling beauty in everything around her shaped her creative outlook and professional path as a trained gemmologist.

Her love of travels and far-away exotic destinations shines through in the texture, substance and bold color combinations. She focuses on pieces that capture and reflect the elusive movements of light giving a unique and dynamic allure of the compositions. The end result is sophisticated jewelry that appeals to the modern woman, confident in her choices and style. Her pieces scream Art-Déco inspiration yet they are more than modern.

Virginie David’s XX collection draws its inspiration from the very personal and candid history of the designer’s family and conveys a highly emotional message. Mixing a range of seemingly conflicting styles – contemporary minimalism, art deco, art nouveau or the 40s – she masterfully combines 18k gold with diamonds and a variety of other precious stones that create an opulent display of timeless elegance and class.

Crafted using traditional methods and with the greatest concern to detail and quality, Virginie David’s jewelry captures the most heartfelt, intense emotions. Revisiting the greatest artistic movements of the 20th century, the designer explores her creative boundaries with a sense of passion and ambition that leads to the creation of trend-setting pieces.

Delicate and fragile pieces are mixed with ornate pieces of texture and considerable size for a beautiful contrasting effect that accentuates their individual qualities. With superb technical expertise and keen eye for detail, the artist brings together pastel tones of yellow and white gold, complemented by the luminous brilliance of diamonds and precious stones.

Virginie David is a brand that brings out the best in any piece of jewelry – simple, intricate or sophisticated in a way that makes a statement on its own. In addition to her core collection, she specialises in bespoke pieces.

Virginie David
Colette ring mounted on yellow gold
Virginie David
Désirée ring mounted on yellow and white gold with round diamonds
Virginie David
Marguerite ring mounted on rose gold with 9 brilliant cut diamonds


Virginie David
Atherine ring mounted on yellow and white gold with round diamonds
Paris-born Virginie David launches her first collection under her brand.