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What is a Turquoise ?

“The God of the fire” it is how Aztec civilisation symbolised the Turquoise gemstone! From Egypt…to India the turquoise is a sacred stone carrying something spiritual.

The name Turquoise means « the Turkish » in French because Turquoise was send in Europe via Turkey. In Persia, it bears the name of ferozah, which means “victorious”.

Turquoise are mined primarily in Egypt from the Sinai’s mines and are known and appreciated for the past thousands years. The Turquoise is the blue cousin of the lapis lazuli where the best quality of that stone is to be found in Iran.

From azure… to blue-green or apple green turquoise stones are mixed most of the time with brown veins. We call them blue matrix. The semi-opaque aspect and the blue color of the turquoise blue stone are affected by the brass quantity  it contains.

The turquoise has multiple virtues including sacred and curative powers. It softened the agonies of the spirit and brings peace. It is a stone with oracles that helps the spiritual communication in relieving problems. The Native Americans worshipped the turquoise believing that the stone chased away the negative spirit of a person in order to transform him or her in a positive one.

Wearing a turquoise necklace is supposed to help communicate, calm the headaches and help children’s stammering.

The turquoise is a rather accessible stone for its carat weight but is rather fragile that requires care.  The most desirable turquoise is translucent, pure and free from veins, but rarely found.

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