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What to wear this autumn ?

SPOTTED : The Eye of Jewelry selected 10 jewels to match with this middle-season’s landscape. With its mauve and pink tones, this autumn shine with gilt through sound foliages and its branches.

What would be the best jewelry outfit to mix and match an autumn style?

As strange as it sounds, there is a seasonality for wearing jewelry. Some pieces can be more casually worn upon a specific season, affecting your mood, your style and practicality to wear things versus others. Therefore, with Autumn just around the corner, The Eye of Jewelry has pitched 3 essentials for the best seasonal looks !

Double Rings are the new trend…
Thin, light and colorfuls rings were good for the sun and the sand all summer. It’s time to move on! Back to work, you need something confortable yet edgy and dressy. Double rings also called two-finger rings dorn two fingers at a time for a single statement piece.

Drop earrings and hoops are super popular…
For those of you putting a lot of efforts in keeping the remaining summer glow on your face … there is a way to highlight it. You need to walk outside adorned with jewelry! The reason why drop earrings and hoops are the best options is because wearing sweaters, jackets and coats with your hair-up in a pony tail or a head-bun (avoid braids) it will add rythm and lightness to your face dragging attention to the movement happening towards your ears… like a fresh summer breeze!

Sautoirs or long necklaces are a vast topic…
Since long sleeves and button down shirts are back, the best way to accessorize them and remove all seriousness is by topping it off with a long necklace worn effortlessly. With beads, on cotton thread, set with previous stones or ornated with large ornmental stones, it’s a WoW effect in just a sec’!

La chute de phateon mounted on white and yellow gold with diamonds

Ana Khouri
White diamond leaf earring mounted on 18K gold with white diamonds

Fernando Jorge
Earrings mounted on rose gold with diamonds and tourmaline bloom

La Tache Bobo
Ear cuff mounted on black gold with black diamonds

Maurizio Pintaldi
Sautoir mounted on brushed rose gold with rough ruby, mother of pearl and black onyx

Joelle Jewelry
Double feuillage three fingers ring mounted on rose gold and plated silver with brown diamonds

Galaxy earrings mounted on rose gold with yellow sapphires and rubies

Elise Dray
Nymphea cuff mounted on yellowgold with white/brown diamonds, rose sapphires, tsavorites and peridot

Flower lace mounted on white gold with akoya pearls

Virginie Carpentier
Champagne ring mounted on rose gold with rhodolites

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Ring mounted on yellow gold with 48 diamonds

Rivka Nahmias
Sautoir Y-Talisman mounted on rose gold with diamonds tahitian pearls