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What type of hearts should you get for Valentine’s ?

Not only Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, but it dramatically helps the flower industry, and more importantly it helps men to be forgiven by their loved ones coming home with a little something. Red roses and chocolate hearts are over-rated, think small and sparkly. The Eye of Jewelry spotted the most stunning jewelry hearts for Valentine’s day. And no, hearts are not that cheesy!

You may think: Hearts for Valentine’s – how original !

For starters, most men first think about getting her the ultimate gift no-one will have thought of… That way, it will show how much time he spent on brainstorming about what should he get her, what will she like, what can’t she expect with something different.

Pride is what drives them to get her the unexpected ! Well, needless to point out their willingness and effort they want to put in the ultimate Valentine’s gift that in the end becomes the one thing they had to take care of, yet, they are technically taking care of it a few days if not hours before the D-Day.

The easy way is to go back to the heart ! Just like the LBD (Little Black Dress) you can never go wrong with a heart. Meaningful and sometimes beautiful, filled with emotion and personal experience, the heart has always been the symbol of love echoeing our breathing organ allowing us to live. Yet, Valentines’ day has become so commercial for the past decade to the point that the reputation of the red heart has become cheesy, cheap and so-not-original.

Every year the jewelry heart is modernized, re-set with stones we have or have not seen before, re-shaped more edgy or less classic to the point that over the years, some brands have been able to make their heart style part of their DNA.

The Eye of Jewelry spotted 18 hearts worth checking out for every age, style or budget!

High Jewelry Pink diamond Heart solitaire

Coeur ring set with heart cut pink diamonds mounted on white gold

Diamond Heart Studs

Classic yet timeless diamond studs

Happy Diamonds Bracelet on White gold

Keeps on imagining new designs of the Happy Diamond collection

De Grisogono
Cuore Ring paved with amethysts and a central heart-cut diamond

Cuore Ring set with successive hearts topped with a central heart stone

Bvlgari- Bvlgari Cuore full diamond pendant

Bvlgari-Bvlgari Cuore Red Gold and Cornaline

Coeur Filé Pendant set on yellow gold and diamonds

Can never go wrong with their iconic Coeur Filé

Aurelie Bidderman
Chivas Bracelet set with sapphires ~ 6275 Euros

Edgy style with the Chivas Heart filled with sapphires

Morphee Jewellery
Bleeding hearts earrings set with rubelittes and sapphires

The Enchanted journey of the Bleeding Heart Earrings set with rubellites

Heart Ring – available in multicolored stones

Colorful variety of stones for the cupid’s heart rings

Stephen Webster
I promise to love you Neon diamond bracelet

I promise to love you Neon bracelet with rounded heart

Vanessa Martinelli
Happy Heart Rings ~ starting at 900 Euros

Happy Heart Ring : a must

Nylon Bracelet with heart

A casual way of wearing a heart on a nylon cord

Tiffany & Co.
Paloma Picasso Lovi Heart Studs

Paloma Picasso famous hearts set as ear studs

Paved heart bracelet ~ 450 Euros

Simple paved heart set on red cotton thread

Coeur de pierre on Red gold set with a grenat ~560 Euros

Coeur de Pierre set with the stone of your choice

Amelie Viane
Bague Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur architectural-ized ring

Panos & Savas
Heart Lock paved red gold heart pendant

A heart lock with a key to your heart

Or Brossé heart bracelet paved with diamonds