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White magnificence vs. botanical luxuriance. French jewelry houses Boucheron and Dior offer stunning strolls into their fabulous high jewelry collections

Mother nature is forming the backdrop for the mesmerizing collection of legendary jewelers Boucheron and Dior, in a dramatically opposite way.

By Marie-Caroline Selmer

While Boucheron has released a high jewelry line inspired by Imperial Russia and the endless snowy plains of the Far East during cold winters; Dior debuts the second chapter of its tribute to Versailles, this time focusing on the emblematic garden designs of André Le Nôtre.

During the heat wave that stroke Paris during the Haute-Couture week this July, Boucheron has invited us to travel a jewelry journey into a snow-dusted forest landscape. Walking through the aisles of the icy decor, we discovered the three chapters of the Hiver Imperial line: Lumière de Nuit, Femmes Boréales and L’Anneau d’Or. A flabbergasting yet magical and mystical journey. The snowflake and its perfect intricate geometry theme makes a huge comeback in « Lumière de Nuit », echoing the brand’s former creations. Combining white gold, rock crystal and diamonds, luxury jeweler Boucheron plays on the semi-transparency and floating effect of the colorless stones to illuminate its graphic design.

We can’t get enough of the Flocon Impérial necklace carved with rock crystal and diamonds. Not only wowing, this stunning masterpiece hasn’t forgotten to be functional thanks to its seven detachable elements which can form a ring with a 5.2 carat diamond ring, a pair of earrings, a brooch and a hair accessory. Definitely a modern necklace fit for an Ice queen.

Frozen winter doesn’t mean a contrasteless landscape; “Femmes Boréales” and “L’anneau d’or” themes both prove it. Boucheron’s designers enhance the light of the pure-white Ayoka pearls of the Baïkal necklace with Santa-Maria aquamarine, which specific tone resembles the color of the Siberian Lake. Maybe the most sensational piece of the collection.

Lumière de Nuit – Flocon Impérial necklace set with a 5,20 ct E VVS1 cushion diamond and rock crystal, paved with diamonds, on white gold.
Lumière de Nuit – Foxy, la Renarde ring set with a 7,28 ct green pear tourmaline and emeralds, paved with diamonds, on white gold


Femmes Boréales – Baïkal necklace set with a 78.33 ct Santa Maria oval aquamarine, moonstones and cultured pearls, paved with diamonds and aquamarines, on white gold 
Femmes Boréales – Baïkal earrings set with one 12.08 ct Santa Maria pear aquamarine and one 11.74 ct Santa Maria pear aquamarine and cultured pearls, paved with diamonds, on white gold
L’Anneau d’Or  – Marqueterie bracelet set with blue chalcedonies and mother-of-pearl, paved with diamonds, on white gold
L’Anneau d’Or  – Rostov ring set with a 2,55 ct E VVS2 round diamond and aspen wood, paved with diamonds, on white gold

We escape the icy chic Boucheron wonderland to pursue Victoire de Castellane’s explorations of the Royal garden.

If Dior colorful explosion of gems is an ode to the opulence and variety of Versailles outsides, it is also dedicated to its French-style architecture and Le Nôtre’s characteristic work.

Flowerbeds, groves, ornamental ponds…De Castellane captures the extravagance of Versailles in this high jewelry line.

What a better example than the Nymphs Bath bracelet and its exquisite Paraiba tourmaline ensconced below a diamond ornamental shell?

Dior and Boucheron, both combine blue toned gems and colorless stones to bring an extra dose of glittering into the dazzling jewelry pieces.

And what about rock crystal? This quartz is definitely the go-to material this season to play on transparency effect and accentuate the imperceptible waves of diamond water, like in the “Emerald ballroom grove necklace”. Easy to carve and often used for it rigidity, rock crystal often protects the top of a piece of jewelry.

Groves also inspired Dior’s designer a range of highly desirable mismatched earrings: from the “Trianon” pair to the “Orangery” one, it is each time a completely different piece but telling the same story of a radiant Versailles.

Succulent green emeralds, multi-colored sapphires, sumptuous diamonds…only the best to figure Dior’s idealized garden that seems to last a lifetime. We have to wait a few more weeks before discovering the fascinating destination both jewelers will transport us to early next year.- 

“Paraiba Tourmaline Nymphs’ Bath” bracelet in white and yellow gold, diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines, pink sapphires, rock crystal, purple sapphires, sapphires, emeralds, tsavorite garnets and yellow diamonds
“Emerald Ballroom Grove” necklace in yellow, white and pink gold, platinum, diamonds, rock crystals, emeralds, pink and yellow sapphires, tsavorite and demantoid garnets, Paraiba tourmalines, pink spinels, sapphires, yellow diamonds, hauynes, spessartite garnets and peridots
“Emerald Trianon” earrings in white and pink gold, diamonds, emeralds, yellow diamonds, onyx and pink sapphires
“Diamond Orangery” earrings in white and pink gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines, sapphires and demantoid garnets