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Yoko London, the master in pearl colors…

Pearls can be so classic and old-fashioned ! Yoko London has proved wrong for many years designing jewelry pieces all adorned with pearls and diamonds following the fashion jewelry trend. From white to pink, black or champagne, the London jeweler offers fifty shades of pearls to seduce every fashionista-at-heart!

The timeless and classic beauty of pearls reinvented with a witty modern twist forms the lifeline of Yoko London jewelry designs.

What makes Yoko London recognized worldwide are the brand’s attention to detail and a commitment to excellence together with strong family traditions in gemstone and pearl trading. More than seven generations of the Hakimian family have worked hard to steer the company towards a path of continuous innovation, excellence and unparalleled quality.

Over the years a staggering multitude of exquisite pearls came into the possession of the brand and changed the face of the jewelry scene forever. A pivotal moment in Yoko London’s history was the rising to fame of pearls made possible by the beloved Princess Diana and her love for their delicate, enchanting beauty. From golden Indonesian South Sea, blue and grey Tahitian to orange and pink freshwater pearls – the brand quickly gained a worldwide reputation of a reliable pearl dealer and started working with the most exclusive clients.

Some of the largest and most spectacular pearls have been part of the brand’s unparalleled collection and been featured in exhibits to celebrate the importance of Yoko London’s influence within the fine jewelry world. Navigating the fine line between classic and innovative reveals the insatiable passion of the team of gifted designers and craftsmen who create nothing short of pearl masterpieces. They work with the pearls’ natural colour variations and beautiful form to design pieces of harmonious composition, contemporary aesthetic and timeless elegance.

Intricately-crafted and captivating with their clarity of form, the brand’s iconic Kaleidoscope necklaces and rings have become a statement of ultimate elegance. Always challenging itself to reinvent the way pearls are perceived in the fashion world, Yoko London has been known to spend an unimaginable amount of time in tracking down only the most exceptional pearls to put together a single piece of jewelry.

Yoko London
Mayfair cuff mounted on white gold with white diamonds and akoya pearls
Yoko London
Feronia earrings mounted on black and white gold with south sea pearls, diamonds and opals
Yoko London
Novus ring mounted on white gold with diamonds and south sea pearl
Yoko London
Baroque necklace mounted on white gold with diamonds, black, white south sea & natural pink colour baroque shape pearls
Mehdi Hakimian moves to England and establishes Yoko London.
The gemstones and pearl dealer decides to focus exclusively on pearls.
Yoko London is invited to the major South Sea Pearl Auctions and starts purchasing pearls directly from the pearl farms.
The brand acquires a silver white pearl the size of a hen's egg (35mm long).
Yoko London accumulates an unparalleled collection of exquisite pearls.
Four Yoko masterpiece jewellery sets are displayed at the centre of the V&A Museum exhibition on Pearls.