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Zen spirit blended with Scarselli diamonds leads to Aya

Marielle Byworth for MARIJOLI Launches the AYA Collection, a contemporary line that incorporate illuminating champagne and yellow Scarselli diamonds. Aya is the first bespoke collection of the designer based in Hong Kong consisting of 10 unique pieces. Whether like it or not, but you must check it out.

Wildly-acclaimed designer, Marielle Byworth announced earlier this year the official launch of her new collection of fine jewelry: Aya by Marijoli.

Pointing out her passion for elegant, simple and harmonious designs that incorporate spiritual elements from the Zen philosophy, Marijoli’s founder demonstrates in her new line a mesmerizing blend of refined concepts, vivid nuances and delicate shapes.

As Byworth eloquently explains, “The encounter with Scarselli was a real turning point for the brand. Integrating rare coloured diamonds is very exciting and allows our very wearable designs to extend into fine jewellery for the modern woman who is looking to express her individuality.”

The Scarselli family became famous throughout Italy and Europe back in the days (before 1955 and on). The three generations kept their reputation at the highest by handpicking the most beautiful blue, yellow and pink diamonds. They master in the art of colored diamonds, they have an inventory stone collectors could die for not to mention the variety of unique stones. Their uniqueness translates by their colors, shapes, sizes and signature pieces.

For her collections in general, Marielle Byworth emphasizes on the fact that every diamond is specifically chosen for its unusual colour, which plays a major part in the entire composition as the design enhances and uses the distinctive tones to highlight the architecturally sculptural shapes.

“Warm earthly nuances add a subtle avant-garde edge to the timeless elegance of the jewellery,” explains Byworth.

“The whole concept is as simple as it is complex – to defy notions of what fine jewelry is while creating a new form of wearable art. I can see it being worn by an independent woman who knows what she likes and doesn’t follow trends. She sets them herself.”

The range of exquisite pieces follows MARIJOLI’s tradition of fashioning distinctly modern, architectural and intricately-crafted designs that can be worn casually or at red carpet events.


Aya Collection – Double Ring set on white and yellow gold with white and yellow round diamonds. Total 118 round brilliants – 0.733ct Total 18 colored diamonds – 2.49ct – 11’230 Euros


Aya Collection – Cocktail ring set on white gold with coloured diamonds set in a basket and brilliants cut.Total 59 round brilliants – 0.274ct Total 8 coloured diamonds – 0.451ct. Scarselli coloured diamonds from right to left : deep brown, light brown, brown, very light yellow, yellow, greenish yellow, brownish pink, light purplish pink


Aya Collection – Earcuff set on white and yellow gold with white brilliants cut in micropave set and yellow diamonds in basket set. Total 215 round brilliants – 1.699ct Total 12 colored diamonds – 1.514ct – 18’325 Euros