Victor Houplain

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I was born in 1992. Through the years; childhood, teenage to today; meetings, travels, links have been created by me in making my vision. Craftsmanship passionate in general, but more specifically in jewelry, my future was written. It’s in 2015 that I have created my Jewelry Maison: Victor Houplain. An eponymous name that reflects me.

Jewelry is in my opinion a purity and excellence quest. Materials purity and exclusively French know-how excellence.

My passion pushes me naturally to France-Best-Craftsmen, unique know-how craftsmen, artists in my eyes. What’s more beautiful than a craftsman working hours, putting his knowledge, his experience in a creation, becoming unique, and becoming yours.

Architecture, automotive, my inspiration comes from a lot of sources. My purified and contemporary shapes merged with handmade work are to me my jewelry vision.

My companion also guides this journey I am making. Present all the time, she gives rise in me, like evidences, lines and harmony.

My creations tell my story, my meetings. When you wear them, you have around your wrist, your neck, your finger, a piece of story, personal and shared by craftsmen through generations.