Best of: our 3 favorite pieces from Tabayer

tabayer third eye rings

Mila Jovovich and Bella Hadid can’t seem to go without their precious talismans from Tabayer. Here are our top 3 favorites from the brand that keeps on growing.

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The creator: Born to an architect father and a fashion designer mother, Nigora Tabayer was immersed in a creative environment from a young age. Until the age of 16, she traveled with her parents wherever they went, feeling equally at home in Paris, New York, and London. After studying business, Nigora turned to artistic expression and more specifically to jewelry. In 2019, she launched her eponymous label, which was quickly acclaimed by the media and celebrities.

The Eye of Jewelry: Tabayer jewelry is the perfect fusion of refined aesthetics and the desire to convey a protective message. Nigora is inspired by nature, travel, and art to design pieces with delicate lines that can be worn daily, at work as well as at more glamorous events. Her signature touch? The iconic symbolism of the protective eye that she weaves throughout her collections, and her passion for emeralds that she turns into hypnotic eyes. We love her precious talismans loaded with a glamorous aura. So, here are our top three:

The Blink earrings: Like a sparkling pupil, the pear-shaped emerald nestles in the hollow of the earlobe to better fit the shape of your ear. The Blink earrings represent a closed eye highlighted by diamond eyelashes, which add sparkle and sophistication to the piece. We love these very couture details that will enhance any outfit.

The Look ring: a new take on the crown ring or a talisman ring? No matter how you read it, the piece is thoroughly captivating with its daring design. Slip it on your index finger for an offbeat style, which will add to the mysterious aura of this dazzling green eye outlined in diamonds.

The All Eyes on You earrings: Tabayer gives free rein to her imagination in this piece with its flowing and modern design. These drop earrings feature an eye lined with kohl, except that instead of black pigment, the designer chose to use diamonds. A regal piece with a stunning style that requires no other accessory!

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