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Christophe Claret or the amusing perfectionist

For the past 25 years, the eminent watchmaker Christophe Claret has been creating and developing innovative highly complex movements for the big brands of the watch industry.

Although his company exists under his eponymous name since 1991, Claret’s career started more than a decade before establishing his manufacture at the Locle but was recently acclaimed by women for the creation of Margot, his first feminine piece – three times prized!

For a blackjack, baccara or poker game or to play the french version of ‘he loves me, he loves me not…’ and eventually figure out what time it is, you simply need to pick one of Christophe Claret’s horological complications.

Most watchmakers are seeking for perpetual movement when Claret expresses his watchmaking genius through perpetual emotion. Replacing the word impossible by challenge, Christophe Claret always intermingles some playful components within his technical and unconventional conceptions.

The Claret mansion is located at the Soleil d’Or in the heights of Le Locle, Switzerland where the residence will be transformed into one of the most edgy watch manufacture.

To celebrate the brand’s 20th Anniversary, Christophe Claret launches the DualTow an exclusive watch produced and distributed under its own name which marks the beggining of a series.

He seduces women with the creation of the Margot with baguette or brilliant cut diamonds on the bezel. Not only full of sparks, the high complication watch dedicated for women managed to win three prizes in a row.

Christophe Claret
Marguerite Watch
Christophe Claret
Margot Watch
At 14 years-old he spends one year assembling and disassembling horological mechanisms to clean and service them in a workshop. His passion was born.
Admission to the Geneva Watchmaking school where he will graduate with a diploma granted only to the best students while setting up his horological workshop in Lyon where he was born
Meeting with Rolf Shnyder who just bought the brand Ulysse Nardin allowing Claret start his career as a creative watchmaker. Later that year he will team up with Giulia Papi and Dominique Renaud two watchmakers to found Renaud Papi Claret (RPC) a company developing movements – a niche market he will master around the world.
Buys the shares of his partners to remain the sole shareholer of the RPC renamed Christophe Claret SA.
World premiere, a tourbillon wristwatch with sapphire bridges and mainplate
Creation of the tourbillon Orbital- unique in the world
Wins the Ladies’s High Mechanical Watch Prize at the GPHG for the Margot – the first feminine piece Claret has ever made.