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There are very few people who master the art of jewelry, and even fewer who revolutionize it. But Marie Mas is both. Coming straight from the worlds of fashion and costume jewelry, Marie Mas is smashing the codes of traditional jewelry by inventing a range of new systems: her first collection swinging stones is a living example.

Driven by the need to come up with a technical prowess combined to an undeniable creativity, Marie Mas invents a jewelry with two identities. In the process, she faced several complex problems which led her to develop a system of her own. It resulted in a mechanism of dual stones enabling the gems to come to life and change color on the wearer’s skin.

These almost mechanical pieces never fail to surprise and delight. For her first high jewelry collection, entitled Swinging Stones, she mixes topazes, amethysts and quartz stones she sets back to back and articulated like a line of dominos. By the way the stones move, the knock one another as a whirlwind of colored stones. Each stone is replaced by another as they move harmoniously together. Being reversible, Marie Mas’ jewelry is then tailored to a person her desires. Her earrings can be worn with the stones up or down… her high jewelry necklace either offer fifty shades of blue or pink, for you to pick. As a matter of fact, innovating in today’s world can be complicated, but this young designer relished the challenge!

After working for Raf Simons and Dior in their accessories’ department, she ends up leaving the costume jewelry sector to aim for the highest level of it. Her most iconic piece? A clasped double stone with a at-cut gemstone, a technique developed specially for the collection. The final result is a facetted marquise-cut stone in the center in order to reflect light and shine spectacularly. When you try on her jewelry pieces, you understand their full complexity. Marie Mas is personally happy to confirm that the most difficult task was finding the right artisans to work with. Like many other renowned designers, Marie travelled as far as Jaipur to find the right people for the job!.

Marie Mas Swinging chocker
Marie MasSwinging chocker
Marie Mas Swinging earrings 
Marie MasSwinging earrings 
Marie Mas Portrait
Marie Mas
Marie MasSide Dancing rigid bracelet 
Marie MasDancing necklace

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