About us

Ryan Storer

Analyzing the watch and jewelry press highlighted the fact that everything had been done for the watchmaking industry: blogs, forums, guides, magazines, websites, webzines, web TV… and so on.

Too often, women are left on the side without a media dedicated to them. Jewelry or feminine watches are mainly mentioned in chronicles, articles or special sporadic editions of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

The purpose of The Eye of Jewerly is to depict everything and everyone gravitating around that industry. From fine jewelry to high jewerly; institutional houses or new designers; jewelry in watches or vice versa not to forget the launch of new collections, a selection of iconic jewels or watches, The Eye of Jewelry looks after everything.

On a more educative level, interviews with designers and key players of the industry such as stone-dealer, watchmakers, stone-setters; investigations on a specific topic, definitions about stones, tools and techniques in addition to short videos, news report and a snapshot on the jewelry events calendar will give a wide overview of what happens out there.

Feel free to contact us at any given time. Enjoy with your eyes what we spotted with ours !

Eleonor Picciotto
Founder of The Eye of Jewelry