In this Watch category, The Eye of Jewelry has compiled everything about feminine and jewelry watches. In the last decade, we have seen some extensive coverage about watch brands, watch icons, watch collections or watch ambassadors that were too often oriented for men. At The Eye of Jewelry we have decided to fill in the blanks in terms of content related to watches and women. As a matter of fact, a complete yet new feminine audience was born in the last few years forcing watch brands to react. We are addressing them!

The era where masculine timepieces could be singularly transformed for women only by replacing the dial with mother of pearl and setting a few diamonds on the bezel is now over. Although most of the famous watch brands we know have been carrying their so-called “feminine or lady or women or jewelry timepiece” collections for almost ever, rare are those who actually communicated about them. In this category, you will read about the iconic feminine timepieces that have been around for decades and remain a success for brands. You will also read about seasonal trends and brand innovations, solely directed to the fairer sex.

Our audience will be able to watch online videos about major watch shows recaps including SIHH in Geneva, Baselworld in Basel or Couture Time in Las Vegas but also read about our impressions on feminine timepieces we have had on our wrists for a few minutes, sometimes days or weeks if we are lucky.

It’s almost as if The Eye of Jewelry became a Personal Advisor when it comes to buy a feminine or jewelry timepiece. Developing a close relationship with brand CEOs, team members but also head of manufactures all the way to gem setters or watchmakers enables our team to deliver the most exclusive content about the watch industry with our own eye baring in mind the feminine perspective.

15 years, 15 emblematic models

15 years, 15 emblematic models

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this amazing magazine, we take a look back over the hit list of the 15 most exquisite feminine and jewellery timepieces imagined over these last 15 years.

Dubai Watch Week: Dawning of a new era

This 4th edition of Dubai Watch Week was made possible thanks to the initiative of the Seddiqi family, influential Dubai-based retailer and distributor. This year the show took on a new four-day format during which collectors, brands and journalists could…

Gradient tones for summer

It’s much more fun to brightly colour your life than watch it fly by in monochrome mode. Ok, for sure, not everyone has what it takes to be able to wear a faceted rainbow marvellously well on one of their…

Most Watched: The CORUM Admiral Cup Mother of Pearl Marquetry

Born in 1960, the Admiral Cup Collection became famous for its colorful nautical pennants as hours markers. In 2018, the mother-of-pearl marquetry version cancels the direct reference to the marine world combining shades of grey and blue and give a touch of…

SIHH 2019: What The Eye of Jewelry Spotted On Day One

The 29th edition of the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) located in Geneva, Switzerland, opened the doors to worldwide retailers and press yesterday morning. Here is The Eye of Jewelry’s recap on Day 1!

The cool pieces you could wear next to your watch