In this category you will understand the power and presence that stones have in our lives. For many people, stones are considered as a simple hard rocks with different shapes found in the ground sometimes filled with colours or sparkle but deprived of any emotional value.

For others, stones take up a lot of emotional space in their life. As a matter of fact, the use of Chinese or Herbal medicine, reflexology or homeopathy therapies have expanded in the past few years in the quest of a healthier and more natural lifestyle amongst which we can find Lithotherapy, a method that cures using stones. In fact, gems and semi-precious stones have been used for decades in solving health problems. Lithotherapy is a technique that uses stones, gems, crystals or quartz to reach a therapeutic effect on a body. For example, if the use of diamonds is completely excluded, opals are protective stones that intensify emotions, sooth the mind, stimulate creativity, beat infections and help sleeping. In addition to cure a sore, each stone have different caracterics carrying a specific energy power.

Birthstones are very popular. In fact, each month is associated with a range of stones. Many people find interesting to know which ones are associated to them in order to carry one around with them at all times. As a form of protection these stones can be set on a piece of jewelry or carried around in its rough form. A stone will energize the body and the mind in one-way or another. In this section, The Eye of Jewelry presents birthstones of the month, introducing their characteristics, powers and virtues to the soul. In addition, when stones come to mind, our readers often think about their provenance, their mining and sourcing stages.

When and if possible, we disclose as much information as we have in order to be transparent about the side of the jewelry industry not many really know about. You can also read our investigative reports on regulations, conflict free diamonds and sustainable programs some brands get involved in regards to the acquisition of stones and the making their jewelry. You will also hear about stones when we meet with gemmologists, gem-setters, stone dealers, certified designers or creative directors who handpick their stones prior to designing a jewelry collection or a bespoke piece. At the end of the day, there is so much you can learn about stones from a therapeutic to a holistic or business level.

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